Steve Snarski

Steve Snarski, 29, Appointed to the Lake County Board to Fill a Vacancy

Steve Snarski, 29, makes his living selling real estate for one of Chicago’s major brokerage firms. He lives in a house owned by his parents that does not show any mortgage or other debt associated with it according to property tax records. County Board Chair Sandy Hart appointed Snarski on April 18 to fill Bill Durkin’s District 8 vacancy after his April 18 resignation.

Early Life and Education

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Snarski currently resides at his parents’ home in Waukegan and does not hold any additional properties in his name, according to campaign filings. Illinois law mandates that county board chairs appoint someone within 60 days in the case of any vacancies; Snarski was selected by Chair Sandy Hart on April 22.

Professional Career

At 29 years old, Snarski earns his living as a real estate agent with one of Chicago’s premier brokerage firms: @properties. He currently resides in Waukegan in Lake County where he was born and raised, living in a home his parents purchased back in 1994; their county property tax bill shows no tax due as they do not bear responsibility for upkeep costs associated with his single family residence.

Snarski was raised by both of his parents; his father is a retired Chicago police officer while Jill, his mother, worked as a schoolteacher.

As Lake County Board Chair Sandy Hart had to fill an unfilled seat after District 8 Commissioner Bill Durkin’s resignation in April, she formed an advisory committee which reviewed applicants and eventually recommended Snarski. Illinois law mandates the County Board chair fill the vacancy within 60 days with advice and consent of the Board.

Achievement and Honors

Successful county board members need to be ready for making important financial decisions that directly affect working families – this requires preparation and an abundance of life experience.

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At an April 22 special call meeting of Lake County Board Chair Sandy Hart’s special call meeting, Waukegan real estate agent Steve Snarski was appointed by Lake County Board Chair Sandy Hart as Bill Durkin retired on April 18 and left a District 8 County Board seat vacant. Under Illinois law, Hart was required to appoint someone who was registered Democrat as per Illinois statute.

Personal Life

Steve Snarski makes his living selling real estate through one of Chicago’s premier brokerage firms. He is married and has three children.

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Snarski disclosed in his campaign filings that he lived at his parents’ single family residence located on 300 Parmalee in Waukegan; according to Illinois law, Snarski owns no other properties under his name. When filling an empty county board seat vacancy through appointment by its chair from within their same political party as previously held, Illinois law dictates appointing someone from within it.

Net Worth

As a member of the County Board, Snarski makes decisions that have an impact on working families, so it’s vital that he has firsthand experience of what it’s like to walk in their shoes. According to public records, Snarski resides at an address owned by his parents on Parmalee Drive in Waukegan; this address also appears on his campaign filings as his address.

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