Steve Tower

Steve Tower – A Prolific Entrepreneur

Steve Tower is an esteemed entrepreneur. As founder of STEVE Tower Investments, an investment and development firm for real estate, his portfolio encompasses commercial, industrial, and residential properties located throughout the U.S.

Dr. Stephen Tower has become known for treating patients suffering from multiple medical issues and has earned an exceptional patient satisfaction rating.

Early Life and Education

Goffstown High, where Tower attended school. Additionally, he served on the local fire department as an officer for over three decades – mentoring young people in his community about its significance while emphasizing its meaning through a golden rule perspective.

He currently teaches in his hometown and works with Anchorage Project Access, which offers medical care for people without health insurance. Additionally, he has traveled to Kenya, Liberia and Uganda to educate doctors in modern medical resources like an alternative fracture fixation system without needing X-rays.

He is also a part-time assistant coach for Emmanuel College basketball team and responsible for recruiting, opponent scouting, game plan preparation and player development. His background in marketing comes from Northeastern University while Umass-Amherst provides his background in Communications.

Professional Career

Steve Tower has spent over 18 years practicing law both privately and as in-house counsel to numerous domestic and foreign companies, serving both as their general counsel as well as in-house counsel for multiple in-house departments and acquisition teams. Over this period he has formed, acquired, managed or helped form over 25 companies located throughout North America, Central America, South America Europe Asia the Caribbean Indian Oceans.

He serves on the steering committees and advises global leadership teams of several major corporations, while leading BP Group as an internationally acclaimed expert in Advanced BPM or Outside-In Customer Experience (OBPM/OICE).

He plays two sports – semi-pro football and professional basketball – while simultaneously writing his first short story for men’s magazines and coaching youth basketball in Maine and Florida. Together with his wife Tabitha, they reside both states.

Achievement and Honors

Tower, who served Goffstown, New Hampshire for many years as fire captain, fell ill while participating in a physical test at the fire academy and was taken to a local hospital, where he passed away Monday.

He previously held an account executive position at Spalding Sports Worldwide, overseeing football and basketball teams from across the nation.

Experienced coach. In 2004-05 he served on Jamahl Jackson’s coaching staff at Emmanuel and led them to an unprecedented 17 wins in the Great Northeast Athletic Conference (GNAC).

He has appeared on national television programs such as Good Morning America and The Late Show with David Letterman, as well as authoring several cookbooks such as Jeremiah Tower Cooks, The Great Book of French Cuisine, and California Dish.

Personal Life

Steve Towerer was an athlete known for playing Semi-Pro Football and Basketball at Emmanuel College under Jamahl Jackson as well as coaching with him in both EBA and NEFL as a Saints assistant from 2004-06. In 2006-07 he also served as Head Coach.

Tower was an avid family man, who relished spending time with his children and grandchildren at his farm near Stover, Missouri. An exceptional cook himself, Tower saw cooking as an art that took years of trial-and-error before perfecting its recipe.

Tower is also active within his church and gives back to the community through donations made to projects like Anchorage Project Access that help those without means access treatment. He travels regularly to Kenya and Liberia for patient treatment using modern medical resources while teaching local doctors how to utilize fracture fixation systems without using X-ray machines.

Net Worth

Harvey, known for his talents as a comedian, actor, and television show host has amassed an immense fortune. Additionally, he has established various successful businesses, such as his production company and home product lines.

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Fish inherited his father’s construction firm and transformed it into the multibillion-dollar Encore Boston Harbor, Millennium Tower and BU “stack of books” computing center – among many other projects. Fish was also responsible for creating Quincy Park as well as having an extensive real estate portfolio and being an investor in Moderna as well as having various patents; yet Wealth-X did not list him among their list of billionaires this year.

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