Steve Valenzuela

Steve Valenzuela

Steve Valenzuela serves as Chief Financial Officer of Apigee Corp and is an accomplished Silicon Valley finance veteran, having spearheaded multiple fundraising efforts for tech startups. Additionally, he was Chief Financial Officer and Secretary for Rainmaker Systems Inc, SugarCRM’s CFO as well as Vice President of Finance & Operations for Citrix Systems.

Early Life and Education

Steven Valenzuela works in Gordon & Rees’ Los Angeles office where he defends clients against claims of discrimination, retaliation, harassment and wrongful termination. Additionally, he handles workers’ compensation defense for municipal governments.

Richard Stephen Valenzuela was born to Joseph Steve Reyes and Concepcion Reyes of Pacioma, California on October 17, 1977 and spent most of his childhood moving around due to his father’s unpredictable work schedule. Over time his siblings included Bob Morales; Connie Irma Ramirez; Mario Ramirez was his half brother.

As a student at Pacoima Junior High School, Valenzuela discovered his love for music through guitar. He would bring it with him every day to school and entertain students during recess and after class; this helped develop his “of the people” style and an effortless rapport with audiences. By early 1958 he and his nine-piece band Silhouettes began performing small club dates and school concerts.

Professional Career

After Fernandomania became successful, Valenzuela decided to pursue a professional musical career. He joined a band known as the Silhouettes and had many hit records; additionally he began appearing regularly on American Bandstand.

Valenzuela had spent several seasons pitching for Guanajuato Tuzos of the Mexican Center League before being promoted to AAA, going 5-6 with a 2.23 ERA on his debut. Later, he would return to pitch in MPL for another couple seasons.

On May 6, Gabriel Gollaz Valenzuela will face Steve Spark in their 140-pound divisional fight at Estadio Akron Stadium in Zapopan, Mexico. Both fighters are talented upcoming prospects in this weight class; Valenzuela being slightly favored at -175 while Spark being an underdog at +125 with both possessing impressive reach distances and knockout records.

Achievement and Honors

Steve Valenzuela has held various positions in finance, accounting, and management. Currently he serves as Chief Financial Officer at SugarCRM – a customer relationship management software company – but prior to that served as Vice President-Finance & Operations of Silicon Access Networks Inc; Accountant at Intel Corp and Controller at Tandem Corp.

He holds an MBA from Santa Clara University and received his undergraduate degree from San Jose State University. At present he works alongside Reed Grothe – Senior Vice President of Business Development and Victoria Schillinger – Chief Human Resources Officer.

He is also a lifetime member of the Texas State Historical Association and received their 2017 NACCS Tejas Foco Premio Estrella de Aztlan Lifetime Achievement Award. Additionally, he possesses Indigenous and settler community roots within Mexico-Texas border region.

Personal Life

Valenzuela currently resides in Los Angeles and practices employment litigation, such as claims of discrimination, harassment, retaliation and wrongful termination at Gordon & Rees law firm. He’s an Associate with them as well as an avid musician/songwriter/producer; his musical influences include Switchfoot, Evanescence, U2, Cake and Dishwalla among many more! Movies like Rocky 3, Matrix 3 and Gone With the Wind also hold great appeal for him.

Doug Macchia recorded Valenzuela performing with his band, the Silhouettes, at a dance party. Bob Keane of Del-Fi record label heard this tape and signed Valenzuela to their label as well as shortening his last name to Valenzuela which then became his stage name.

Net Worth

Valenzuela made more of an impactful statement about baseball than any other player since Jackie Robinson and Babe Ruth; unfortunately his career was cut short due to injury.

He enthralled batters with his innovative pitching style and delivery, winning 13 games during a strike-shortened 1981 campaign and garnering both Rookie of the Year and Cy Young Awards for his efforts.

He was an integral member of both the Los Angeles Dodgers and Latino communities in Southern California. Additionally, he served as an ambassador for his team.

Steven Valenzuela is an associate at Gordon & Rees law firm. His practice encompasses labor and employment litigation, representing clients in cases involving discrimination, retaliation, harassment and wrongful termination claims as well as representing public agencies in workers’ compensation claims.

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