Steve Vigil

Steve Vigil, CPA – A Life Well Lived

Steve Vigil truly enjoyed his job and the people he served. He would enjoy visiting with customers along his routes in Santee and sharing conversations.

Both he and the United States have agreed on a stipulated sentence of 84 months. This term accurately reflects the seriousness of his offense while meeting sentencing goals articulated in 18 U.S.C SS 3553(a).

Early Life and Education

Steven Vigil hails from Horse Springs, New Mexico. He holds both BAs in psychology and English (poetry) from CU Denver, and currently pursues an MA in counseling. A life-long learner, Steven believes there’s no challenge too great or wine glass too heavy to hold!

Although the Court agrees with Vigil’s responsibility to pay for his crimes, they do not consider him to be a career offender. Given it has been over 20 years since his convictions took place and given that they occurred when he was relatively young; furthermore a sentence of 84 months is consistent with the plea agreement reached between all parties; reflecting the seriousness of the offense while upholding respect for law and meeting sentencing objectives of 18 U.S.C 3553(a).

Professional Career

Vigil was raised in Horse Springs, New Mexico where he excelled on both basketball and football teams. After attending Denver Institute of Technology for his bachelor’s degree in technical management he received commissioning at LDO/CWO Academy Newport Rhode Island.

He signed with the Bengals in 2020, appearing in 16 games with two starts while totaling 85 tackles and one sack for Cincinnati.

Jen’s awkward neighbor Karen mistakes Ben for Steve and questions him about being in her backyard on the night of the murder, in addition to getting him to delete all street camera footage from last month. Charlie returns home later and finds I KNOW WHAT YOU DID written across her garage wall as proof it was Steve’s car she took from Jen.

Achievement and Honors

Vigil was an exceptional leader. Recognized by many professional organizations – such as SEG – for pioneering innovative approaches to using data for improving oilfield operations, Vigil made an indelible mark in his life and career.

Reuniting people across disciplines was one of the hallmarks of his career and an act of respect to him at Harvard and beyond, evidenced in the vigil he led in his honor, which featured remarks from students, researchers, doctors, nurses and staff from HMS, Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health Brigham and Women’s Hospital Massachusetts General Hospital as well as Partners In Health.

The Vigil Honor is the highest accolade that the Order of the Arrow can bestow upon an Arrowman for distinguished service to their lodge, council, Scouting or community. It cannot be earned through conscious effort alone but only presented to those who demonstrate unselfish leadership through service.

Personal Life

Steve Vigil was a generous man, always sharing everything he had with those he cared about and helping them through challenging times while imparting skills necessary for independence. His legacy will live on in those whose lives he touched.

With their plea agreement, both parties agreed on an 84 month sentence with an adjusted offense level of 31, a three level reduction for accepting responsibility, and criminal history category VI criminal record status; thus classifying this case as career offense.

The Court acknowledges Vigil must pay for his crimes with prison time; however, they also understand that these occurred more than two decades ago and prefer for this period to remain behind.

Net Worth

Vigil first joined Tiger Grandcub John Griffin at Blue Ridge Capital before working for Energy Fuels Uranium Company as their Chief Accounting Officer (CPA). There, he oversaw financial and management reporting, equity financings, treasury functions and regulatory issues.

Vigil finds great enjoyment in his Pueblo Balloon Company chase crew members’ companionship during his free time. When busy periods arrive, Vigil starts his workday early at 5 am until all balloons land successfully.

Yolanda Madrid Vigil and her daughter reside with Yolanda Madrid Vigil in Lower Las Colonias. He’s also an active community member, participating in several civic initiatives and supporting local artists and performers with his charitable donations.

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