Steven Arms

Steven Arms – Biography

Early Life and Education

Steven Arms is an American actor, YouTuber and social media influencer best known for his prank videos on social media platforms like YouTube. Born in California and raised in Oviedo, Florida – Arms graduated from Oviedo High School without enrolling for further higher education studies.

He is an accomplished TV Actor, Youtuber, TikToker and Comedy Social Media Personality who has appeared in West End productions of Spring Awakening and The Crucible.

Steven He is an amazing individual who put his daughters above everything else. His love for Lylah, Dolly and Dev will live on as an inspirational tale for many to come. Steven stands as an example for us all to follow.

Achievement and Honors

Steven is the proud owner of an extremely successful insurance agency and an active member of Eastern Illinois University Alumni Association. A talented track and field athlete, Steven was part of a 4×100 record-breaking team and earned regional qualification status during his track and field days. Steven then went on to work for the Army as a parachute rigger before marrying longtime girlfriend Stephanie in 2018. Since their secret wedding ceremony took place in Iowa with daughter in tow; Steven’s father now understands they live together with the girl they dated until now accepts their living situation!

Personal Life

Steven enjoyed spending his free time with his family. He was an incredible son and brother. Additionally, Steven enjoyed volunteering his time and helping others – particularly children at risk from child abduction groups; speaking to kids about personal safety; being active within his Church membership of Latter-day Saints.

Steven is currently dating Paige Spiranac, an Instagram personality who is well-known. Steven works as a professional fitness trainer by day and avidly follows sports. With more than 2.1M followers on Tiktok and various other social media platforms combined and collaborations with many influencers he boasts an enormous social media following with many influential accounts following him too! In terms of appearance Steven stands out due to his lean build, being smart yet fashionable at heart as evidenced by pictures posted of himself wearing stylish attires often posted with stylish clothings!

Net Worth

Steven is a professional fitness trainer with an impressive net worth. His interests lie primarily with sports such as baseball and golf; additionally, he’s married to Paige Spiranac – an influential Instagram celebrity and professional golfer herself!

He began his YouTube channel in 2013 and regularly uploaded challenging videos, such as consuming an abundance of food, alcohol and cannabis. Later he joined the NELK boys, making his channel increasingly well-known.

His channel boasts over 6.7 million subscribers and 160 videos, and he makes money promoting products and brands. Additionally, he maintains his personal account on Instagram as well as being an avid traveler, visiting places such as Thailand and Mexico.

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