Steven Chasteen

Steven Chasteen

Steven Chasteen is a professional fire scene investigator who advises law enforcement agencies and insurance companies in cases involving fires. Additionally, he consults with fire industry suppliers.

Judy was on her way to drop off her children at their babysitter before starting work at a local supermarket when she noticed a flat tire along Interstate 465. A man stopped to help, but later lured Judy into his pickup truck before driving off.

Early Life and Education

Steven Chasteen was born February 1st 1964 in Dayton Ohio and passed away April 16th 2023. He leaves behind his wife of 36 years, Cheryl Chasteen; sons Justin Chasteen of Tipp City and Jeff (Bailey) Wood of Georgia; four grandchildren–notably Owen and Bryce–four siblings Cathy Schuck of Brookville and Darlene Bennett from Verona as well as various nieces and nephews.

At Steven Judy’s murder trial in Morgan County, Indiana, a jury found him guilty of raped and killing Terry Chasteen and her three small children who drowned in White Lick Creek near Indianapolis in 1979. A variety of physical evidence linked him to this crime including stain on his coat that closely matched a semen sample; these stains also were consistent with the location where these crimes took place.

Professional Career

Mosier Industries of Brookville and Lord Corporation. He enjoyed bass fishing and was an active member of Go Ministries Intl. He adored his family, the Cleveland Browns, Sammy, Lady, Princess and Honey his four fur babies.

As a fire investigator for the insurance industry and an expert witness in numerous court cases, he has conducted over 2,800 fire scene examinations to ascertain their source of origin.

Evelyn Dunn was his devoted wife for 68 years and is survived by their children Debbie Burkett (Jimmy), Dena Kyzer (Jon), Karen Friedlander (Brett) and Ricky Dunn; grandchildren Sarah Maner, Heather Heath, Jesse Hagen Xander Dunn Valo Dunn as well as great-grandchildren Aaron Prouse and Liam Prouse and many other nieces and nephews.

Achievement and Honors

Steven Chasteen was born in Dayton, Ohio and is survived by his wife Cheryl and three children. He enjoyed watching both the Cleveland Browns and UK Wildcats, avid reading and his four fur babies Sammy, Lady, Princess and Honey.

Terry Chasteen and her three children were found dead at White Lick Creek in Morgan County. All had been bound together with strips of fabric and strangled to death before their bodies were discovered. A murder investigation has since been initiated against these individuals.

Lander University’s College of Behavioral and Social Sciences held its annual awards ceremony on April 7. Lander students honored included: Criminology Discipline Award: Sydney L. Stanley from Elgin; Political Science Discipline Award – Imon T. Govan from Orangeburg; Public Administration Award – Courtney J. Clavel from Greenwood; and Sociology Discipline Award recipient was Veronica Orndoff of Conway.

Personal Life

Steven Chasteen lives in Carlisle, Ohio with his wife Debbie. Together they have three children, nine grandchildren and one great grandchild. Steven is an ardent fan of both the Cleveland Browns and UK Wildcats as well as playing poker and listening to country music.

Steven Judy was driving along Interstate 465 when he encountered 23-year-old Terry Chasteen with her three children who were stranded due to a flat tire in their vehicle. Behaving as an “act of good deed,” he disabled their vehicle by disconnecting its ignition wires, inviting Terry Chasteen into his pickup truck as his rescuer.

He drove her to an isolated spot where he sexually raped and strangled her before drowning both of their children in nearby streams. Later, he confessed his crimes and was sentenced to death.

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