Steven Clayton

Steven Clayton – A Big Man With a Large Heart

Steven Clayton was known for being an enormously generous individual who cared deeply about helping those he encountered – particularly children.

He worked as a technical pre-sales guy before discovering he could translate technical speak into something non-geeks could understand. That led him to Microsoft where he now oversees innovation, culture and stories management.

Early Life and Education

Holding a bachelor of fine arts from California State University, Fullerton, he started working as a graphic artist at the Star Tribune in 1984 before transitioning into motion picture title studio work and eventually professional piano performance.

Clayton began his musical career in the 1960s, releasing singles in a smooth pop style that is now considered pre-rock. Clayton and his band performed at various venues around the country.

He is a proud Brookdale graduate and serves on its Board of Trustees. As an avid runner and lover of history, he takes great pleasure in reading. Additionally, he serves as Director of Development for Advocates for Children of New Jersey–an organization committed to making sure children thrive safely.

Professional Career

Clayton has earned himself a stellar reputation as an innovator in business. He has served as a leader across industries like healthcare and sales; working for various Fortune 500 companies along the way.

He brings extensive international, cross-functional, and board (including trustee) experience. His specialties include business transformation, governance & assurance and managing complex customer projects.

Clayton currently works as a sales representative for a medical device company and holds a Bachelor of Science in health professions and related clinical sciences from the University of Missouri.

Michael Clayton Generation Next Foundation is a non-profit organization which assists those in need. Each year they organize the Michael Clayton Celebrity Hoops Jam charity basketball game which raises funds.

Achievement and Honors

At age 10, Clayton’s love of music led his father to invest in piano lessons. Soon thereafter, Clayton began collecting records by Cow Cow Davenport, Albert Ammons and Memphis Slim; spending all his pocket money trying to reproduce what he heard through these recordings.

At work, Clayton is known for his determination and patience with coworkers. Due to this dedication and service he earned the April Classified Employee of the Month Award from the University Staff Employee Council.

Clayton has extensive professional experience working for industry leaders both within corporate and nonprofit settings, and also holds local governance experience through serving on Ocean Township Board of Education. Presently he serves as Director of Development at Advocates for Children of New Jersey – a statewide nonprofit dedicated to making sure children can grow up safe and healthy – where he serves as their Director.

Personal Life

He dedicated his life to providing his family with the best life he could. His faith in Yahweh and Jesus was unshakeable, and he always welcomed his children and grandchildren with open arms.

He had an affinity for classic cars, spending much of his time working on them. Additionally, he loved jazz music and enjoyed playing piano as much as classic cars.

Lana, his wife, has been charged with murdering him at their York County home. Police suspect she shot him with a crossbow arrow; her confession has shocked friends of Lana’s.

Net Worth

Clayton has shown great skill at uniting disparate individuals toward one common goal in his professional career, according to court documents. He has successfully negotiated deals on behalf of corporate clients like Alibaba Group Holding Ltd. and Valeant Pharmaceuticals Inc.

He was a Florida native who founded, owned and operated Physical Therapy Resources nationwide chain. After retirement he pursued his interests such as collecting art, golfing and hiking; living with his wife in a Mount Vernon-inspired house on Lake Wylie in South Carolina.

Clayton will divest 176 assets worth millions within 90 days of confirmation, according to his spokesman. This could allow him to avoid capital gains taxes and save considerable amounts in capital gains taxes – an enormous potential savings.

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