Steven DeHaven

Steven DeHaven

DeHaven maintained his work ethic even after being diagnosed with cancer, showing up each day eager to help his teammates and supporting their endeavors.

Steve DeHaven has over 21 years of experience playing music on guitars from Gibson and Line6 brands, Hohner harmonicas and Lee Oskar harmonicas – including Hohner and Lee Oskar harmonicas.

Early Life and Education

Steven DeHaven was born and raised in Indiana. Throughout his school and military years, he played music. Later he relocated to Los Angeles, where an automotive dealership hired him.

Early in his career, he worked alongside some of Hollywood’s finest actors. His first roles included bit parts in Charlie Chaplin’s Modern Times and Susan and God; then MGM signed him and they made several movies such as Thousands Cheer and The Girl Rush.

He leaves behind his wife, Kimberly; three daughters: Scott Jakovics, Kristen Dono, Katherine Perry; stepchildren Colby Perry and Shane Fletcher; his brother Gary DeHaven as well as three nieces. Memorial contributions may be made in his name to Concern Hotline Inc.

Professional Career

DeHaven’s career spanned 30 years. Throughout that time he led special teams units for teams such as Buffalo Bills, San Francisco 49ers, Dallas Cowboys and Seattle Seahawks; his longest coaching stint occurring with Buffalo when his special teams units helped win four consecutive AFC championships.

DeHaven helped kicker Steve Tasker be selected to seven Pro Bowls while his kickoff coverage unit ranked first in the NFL. DeHaven coached Carolina for two seasons before moving into an advisory capacity after being diagnosed with prostate cancer last year.

DeHaven was an avid St. Louis Cardinals fan who deeply loved his family. He made many lifelong friends in his lifetime and will be missed dearly by his wife Kathy and children Tobin Scott and AnnieMaude; as well as sisters, nieces, and nephews.

Achievement and Honors

DeHaven served the Hagerstown police department for many years, receiving numerous awards during this time. Additionally, he volunteered as a firefighter with the city and joined their department as early as April 1984; becoming fire marshal by October 2001.

He possesses extensive knowledge in ACT implementation and training and has worked with people suffering from different behavioral health conditions – PTSD and mood disorders to name two – as he created two high-fidelity ACT teams while rebuilding five previously struggling ones.

As a hobby, he enjoys playing music and reading in his free time, spending time with family and pets alike. Additionally, his strong work ethic enables him to do jobs normally accomplished by two or three people simultaneously.

Personal Life

The USS DeHaven Memorial Fund was established in 2007 to pay our respects to those lost aboard U.S.S. “DeHaven”, on February 1, 1943 when she was struck by Japanese submarine torpedoes off New Guinea coast and sunk.

The Handley Library will accept donations of books for its summer reading program from friends and neighbors of all ages to keep this fund thriving.

Steven Dehaven has also been known by his aliases Steve DeHaven and Stephan DeHaven. He resides in Colorado Springs, CO with his son and daughter as well as numerous relatives including brothers and sisters; Loanne Haataya is his daughter; Lee Morris of San Diego lives nearby while Kim Horneff of Kelso is one of his grandchildren.

Net Worth

Steven DeHaven currently maintains relationships with several companies: 2450 W Aspen Ct in Denver CO 80219 for Brothers Construction Corporation/ Brothers Consulting; 979 Bayfiels Way Colorado Springs Colorado 80906 for Behind The Rhyme TV featuring hip hop artists and legends; Kobe Up Close interview program by Los Angeles Lakers star player Kobe Bryant’s interview program and Behind The Rhyme on Twitch are among others.

Born in Los Angeles, California. DeHaven began his film career with Charlie Chaplin’s Modern Times in 1936 as a bit part. Since then he has appeared on many television series such as Ryan’s Hope, As the World Turns and Mary Hartman. DeHaven also has a daughter Gloria DeHaven who also acts professionally – she has appeared in multiple film projects, television programs and Broadway productions.

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