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How Much Is Steven Demoss Worth?

Stephen Michael DeMoss passed away November 9th 2015 in Hobbs, New Mexico and will be greatly missed by both friends and family alike.

At Jiffy Fastening Systems, family ties come first. Jeff, Kevin and Steve each work as equal partners as sales calls are shared among them all.

Early Life and Education

DeMoss graduated from the U.S. Naval Academy with a Master’s of National Security Affairs from U.S. Naval War College. Since then he has held command on destroyers, cruisers, aircraft carriers, strike group staffs and homeports across Western Pacific; including USS Guardian (MCM 5) from 2006-08 and guided-missile destroyer USS McCAMPBELL (DDG 85) between 2010-12; both vessels played vital roles during Japan earthquake and tsunami response efforts in 2011.

Jiffy Fastening Systems’ three brothers are an unusual combination: successful family entrepreneurs who take immense pleasure in doing what they love. Each day presents its own set of obstacles – such as expanding to new markets while controlling costs to maximize profit, as well as dealing with Washington’s anti-business atmosphere.

Professional Career

DeMoss may well make the Purdue football legends’ Mt. Rushmore as coach during one of college football’s great upsets – an epic victory against Stanford in 1974.

DeMoss may boast more rodeo titles than most cowboys can count, yet he is yet to claim his first San Angelo Stock Show and Rodeo saddle bronc riding title. At Foster Communications Coliseum on Friday during opening performance of event he earned 87 points on Lancaster and Jones’ Total Equine Angel Fire to take the lead in short go round of competition.

Robert Heflin of Heflin, Louisiana has qualified for the National Finals Rodeo 13 times; to win that highly sought-after crown this season he must finish among the top 15. Over his storied professional career he has amassed more than $2.3 Million.

Achievement and Honors

DeMoss’ long and distinguished career includes service aboard frigates, destroyers, cruisers and nuclear aircraft carriers – in various roles such as captain or senior leadership roles on each ship – including being appointed commodore of Destroyer Squadron Fifteen and Naval Surface Group Western Pacific respectively. He has received multiple awards and decorations for his service and many have honored his efforts by honoring him with awards or decorations for their service.

Steven Demoss is 60 years old and lives on Parkview Ave in Kansas City, KS. He may be related to Terry Moss and Dene Demoss; and previously resided at Saint Louis Ave Trlr 21 in Kansas City.

He is the proud parent of two children and an active member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

Personal Life

He holds a Master’s Degree from the United States Naval War College with an Asia Pacific National Security Affairs subspecialization. While in service he served on multiple ships such as frigates, destroyers, cruisers and nuclear aircraft carriers.

DeMoss hails from Louisiana and has made quite a name for himself as a world-class rodeo cowboy, especially due to his ability to match, or often outdo, much younger competitors. Last year at WNFR he came within just $797 of placing second behind Jesse Wright.

Steven Demoss lives on Parkview Avenue in Kansas City, KS and may be linked with Anita Demoe, Terry Moss and Dene Demoss. At 60 years old he may even be related to Chad and Sarah Demoss.

Net Worth

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