Steven Feagin

Steven Feagin, 42, Was Convicted of Rape in 1995

Feagin is a highly respected orthopedic surgeon specializing in knee surgery and sports medicine. He has published numerous papers and books regarding anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) injuries that have helped revolutionize treatment options for ACL injuries.

Investigators were convinced of Feagin’s guilt after DNA extracted from her attacker in Florida matched with one stored in a national database.

Early Life and Education

Hendersonville High School graduate. While attending Auburn University he was drafted for World War II. As part of the Army Air Corps he served as a bombardier. Following this he studied at University of Iowa before returning home where he later worked at Jackson Pharmacy.

His legacy includes six children: Dr. Steven Jackson Feagin of Franklin, Tennessee; Laurie Feagin Volz of Oak Park, Illinois; Frances Feagin McNeill of Hendersonville and Laurence Craig Feagin from Galesburg, Illinois – in addition to eight grandchildren.

Court proceedings concluded when the victim helped police sketch an attacker that looked strikingly like Feagin; combined with DNA evidence – there was no doubt about who had committed these crimes until 2007 when DNA from Florida crime matches up with Feagin who lived nearby campus in Urbana.

Professional Career

On Wednesday, a jury found 42-year-old Steven Feagin guilty in a 1995 rape case and could give him up to 90 years in prison for it. Feagin had played running back at University of Illinois from 1989-1992 and is suspected in two additional rapes from this same decade in Champaign County.

After receiving offers from Iowa, Notre Dame, Michigan and several other power-five programs (such as Iowa State), Illinois Basketball’s revival under Brad Underwood convinced him to remain stateside.

He also recognized Bret Bielema’s clear vision for Illinois football program. Ayo was the first in-state recruit to commit under Bielema and provides hope that every underachieving program may have their “Ayo moment”.

Achievement and Honors

Steven Feagin was recently found guilty by a jury in Urbana of sexually assaulting an University of Illinois student in 1995; this conviction stems from three unsolved rape cases which went unanswered until police in Florida linked DNA evidence from one rape with Feagin who managed a car wash at the time.

Feagin is a West Point graduate and orthopedic surgeon. His expertise includes treating ACL injuries. In recognition of this work he received several honors such as Mueller International Knee Prize and U.S. Military Academy’s Letterman’s Club Medal of Honor.

Arthur-Lovaington-Atwood-Hammond running back Kaden Feagin will become the Illini’s inaugural power-five commitment of 2023, choosing them over Iowa, Michigan and Notre Dame as his preferred school. Feagin is considered a top-10 in-state prospect who will help recruit other top local talent to Champaign.

Personal Life

Feagin has much to prove on the football field, while off it he strives to honor his mother’s memory by becoming one of the best people he could possibly be. “She taught me to become as great a person as I possibly could be and so this is who I am today,” said Feagin.

Feagin was charged with three sexual assault cases in Illinois and two in Florida that went unsolved until police linked DNA from a victim in Pompano Beach to Feagin in 2008.

Feagin was arrested in June 2008 when a retired Urbana police officer searched through old university directories and identified Feagin as a possible suspect, since his last name appeared in all of her case files. She helped police compile a sketch of her attacker whom she claimed resembled Feagin greatly.

Net Worth

Steven Feagin reportedly has an estimated net worth of $700,000. He owns and operates his own real estate brokerage firm. Since earning his real estate license in 1992, Steven has worked on various commercial and residential properties across various areas in Manhattan as well as being licensed pilot.

At first commitment for new Illinois coach Bret Bielema’s 2023 class, he chose Illinois over Notre Dame, Michigan, and Iowa offers. Now competing for playing time within an Illini running back room that recently lost All-American Chase Brown to the NFL Draft,

Broward State Attorney’s Office recently dropped sexual assault charges against Steven Feagin involving a resident from Pompano Beach; however, DNA evidence obtained at that crime scene could help authorities catch him for other rapes he is suspected of carrying out in Illinois.

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