Steven Hix

Steven Hix – A Man of Many Interests

Hicks made waves as an internationally acclaimed comedian by subverting formal religion with its hypocritical pretensions and intolerant social and political attitudes in performances set to rock soundtracks, making his comedy not merely humorous but ontological as well.

Regent Hicks is also a founding member and current chairman of Capstar Partners, an investment firm focused on small and middle market buyouts. Additionally, he serves on the University of Texas System Board.

Early Life and Education

Steven Hix was a man of many interests. He loved watching John Wayne movies and listening to John Prine songs, taking in any stray animals he found and taking care of them as much as possible despite having four pets already at home. Unfortunately for Steven’s wife though, she often had to remind him not to add another animal into the mix.

Utilizing his determination and talent, he successfully established multiple businesses including Idaho Package Company. Thanks to his entrepreneurialism and innovative ideas, this venture thrived.

His passion was hunting and downhill skiing; however, his heart grew deeper with each person he fell for; especially his granddaughters.

Professional Career

Steven Hicks boasts a stellar professional resume. He serves as Chairman of Medical Device manufacturer HealthTronics and owner of private investment firm Capstar Partners LLC; in addition to serving on The University of Texas System’s Board of Regents.

Renowned photographer who specializes in both editorial and commercial work. His portfolio includes anti-war protests for the Associated Press as well as winter Olympic events for advertising clients.

He has taken thousands of black and white photographs of the Great Sand Dunes, an endeavor which required risking his life and limb in extreme temperature and wind conditions. Additionally, he is working on writing several books as well as his memoir. He currently resides in Austin with his wife Shannon.

Achievement and Honors

Hix was active with Sigma Phi Epsilon and Silver Spurs during his time at Texas, an honorary service organization dedicated to caring for the Texas Longhorn Mascot BEVO. Additionally, he served on the University of Texas System Board of Regents.

He was also a member of garage rock band Stress, while beginning stand-up comedy again at Houston’s Comix Annex and becoming part of an outlaw comic collective that included rising star Sam Kinison.

Hix was an outstanding father to his two daughters. As his friends and family can attest, he worked tirelessly at being an outstanding dad – from physical labor in the backyard to deciphering their mood swings.

Personal Life

Steven Hicks of Coventry Township, Ohio left home one night and did not return, initially leading his parents to assume he simply went out late. Over time however, they became concerned and discovered he had been murdered by Jeffrey Dahmer; who used a barbell to strike Hicks with and dismember his body before disposing of its pieces.

Hix was passionate about food and cooking, creating restaurants that offered diners an indulgent dining experience. In addition, his love for art was evident: his collection included modern masterpieces as well as contemporary works.

He had three daughters – Claudia, Lisa and Julie – as well as 14 grandchildren whom his heart welcomed with open arms. He enjoyed telling jokes and enjoyed hearing some racy tall tales from time to time.

Net Worth

Steven Hix was an ardent sports fan and dedicated father. He passed away peacefully at age 78 on October 12, 2021 and will be dearly missed by both family and friends.

He is an accomplished businessperson, having founded numerous successful companies including Zoot Enterprises and Capstar Broadcasting. Additionally, he owns several professional sports teams as well as being on numerous charitable and professional boards.

He boasts a net worth of more than $73 Million and owns stakes in several publicly-traded companies including FirstEnergy Corp (FE) and Jacobs Solutions Inc (J). Additionally, he holds small positions in Kraton Corp (KRA). Born and residing in Austin Texas – two daughters have married while nine grandchildren make up his extended family.

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