Steven Holguin

Steven Holguin

Steven Holguin is a labor lawyer working at SR Holguin, PC and offers his services to assist clients with Employment & Labor issues. Based out of Los Angeles, California and serving his local community.

According to police, a 30-year-old registered nurse threatened officers with Fentanyl on Saturday and was again taken into custody on Monday on Obstruction or Retaliation charges.

Early Life and Education

Steven Holguin hails from a family of union members – his father being an International Brotherhood of Teamsters member, while his mother being an educator. Growing up surrounded by union members taught Steven the value of community involvement and working hard towards his goals.

He currently practices law at SR Holguin, PC where he assists clients with Employment & Labor issues. A native of Los Angeles and raised in East LA’s City Terrace neighborhood.

He enjoys reading and travel. Additionally, he is passionate about sports and the outdoors; being an avid Miami Dolphins fan as well as enjoying playing soccer is among his many passions. Currently living with his family in Doral, Florida – having graduated from Ronald Reagan Doral High School.

Professional Career

Holguin hails from a long line of trade unionists and has always been an advocate for workers. As founding partner of SR Holguin, PC – a law firm dedicated to Labor & Employment issues – Holguin brings decades of expertise.

Since 1984, Mr. Goldfarb has been an active member of the California Bar. Prior to that he worked for one of Los Angeles’ leading union-side labor and employment law firms.

Pedernales Studios have seen him record more than 150 records at Pedernales Studios, such as Willie Nelson’s GRAMMY award-winning recordings “Last Man Standing”, “My Way”, “God’s Problem Child”, and “Summertime”. Additionally he has recorded and mixed for numerous local artists and bands as well as serving in multiple field and department leadership capacities in Lakewood Sheriff Station command as a former police captain.

Achievement and Honors

Born and raised in City Terrace, East Los Angeles, he hails from a multigenerational union family – his father and grandfather were members of International Brotherhood of Teamsters Local 208 while his mother belonged to United Teachers Los Angeles (UTLA).

He has made significant contributions to power systems engineering, co-inventing and patenting various innovations for power system modeling and simulation. He is the recipient of various awards and fellowships including the Howard Rosenbrock Prize in Optimization and Engineering.

Bass player Anthony Dingale is also an accomplished bassist, both electric and upright, playing jazz, pop, funk music at casino lounges and shows, Mexican Norteno concerts and private events as well as being an active part of Cincinnati entertainment community.

Personal Life

Steven Holguin comes from a multigenerational union family and recognizes the significance of protecting working people. At SR Holguin, PC he practices law with clients dealing with Employment & Labor matters.

Holguin was arrested for public intoxication on Saturday and while being transported to regional command he reportedly threatened police officers by offering them fentanyl in order to kill them if they ever saw him at his workplace hospital. According to an affidavit filed with authorities he made this threat while also telling them it could kill them too if ever saw again there.

He leaves behind his wife Connie of Lordsburg, their son Jayden Ronnie, mother Eustolia Romero, sisters and brothers as well as extended family and friends. Additionally he was known as an accomplished musician having participated in many Las Vegas production shows while playing bass for productions shows as part of his musical talent.

Net Worth

Holguin has an estimated net worth of one to five million. He prefers to maintain the privacy of his personal life and has not revealed information regarding his spouse or children.

He founded SR Holguin, PC – a Los Angeles-based union-side labor law firm. Additionally, he co-hosted Good Morning El Paso: a weekday morning news program on KVIA Channel 7.

He has long been a strong supporter of California politics, making several appearances on radio shows to discuss the current political climate in California. Additionally, he supports numerous local charities and organizations; serving on boards such as Los Angeles Community College District and City Terrace Foundation boards respectively; also an avid supporter of Los Angeles Dodgers baseball team while being an IBT member for over 30 years.

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