Steven Howells

Steven Howells

Steve Howells uses loop technology and live instruments in combination with original songwriting and improvised creativity for original compositions and improvisational performances. His career spans multiple genres as he has played drums, guitar and percussion in numerous bands that covered various musical subgenres.

He has extensive experience with exoplanet research projects, university level education and public outreach efforts. Additionally, he enjoys the outdoors, vegetarian gourmet cooking and playing blues music.

Early Life and Education

Howells was active with bands throughout his youth. According to Nicole, he was passionate about music and would play his saxophone on the beach often. Additionally, Nicole recalls him being skilled at drumming and improv jazz performances.

Howells was constantly fascinated with learning new subjects, from quantum physics to archaeology and marine invertebrate biology. He enjoyed attending opera performances in San Francisco and Santa Fe as well as salmon fishing trips annually to Campbell River in British Columbia.

Howells and Vaisey concocted, planned, and carried out a scheme to sexually exploit six children aged 5-11 by sexual exploitation; videotaped much of it. Howells used drugs to sedate them before engaging in such acts against them.

Professional Career

Steven Howells was an outstanding South African drummer who performed with some of South Africa’s greatest bands. He provided African rhythm with Zulu guitarist Noise Khanyile, and rocked with Winston’s Jive Mix Up before rocking out with Khaki Monitor (one of the earliest progressive SA bands to sing in Afrikaans).

As soon as he arrived in Hawaii, he drummed for bands such as All Jammed Up – a Latin jazz/rock fusion group and Celtic rock flag-bearers The Doolin Rakes. Additionally he recorded drums on Brian Von Ahsen’s CD release of The Brian Show.

Tara holds Series 7, 24 and 66 securities licenses, and serves on the board of HopeKids, a non-profit that offers ongoing events, activities and an influential support community for families of children with life-threatening conditions.

Achievement and Honors

Steven Howells and Nicole Williams met on a bus and began an unforgettable romance that has lasted over 30 years.

Howell’s Heating & Air of Ashland, Virginia received the ACCA 2022 Commercial Contractor of the Year award sponsored by Honeywell. From among finalists who were evaluated on several criteria by a panel of Past Board Chairs.

William Dean Howells (March 1, 1837 – May 11, 1920), commonly known as the Dean of Late 19th-Century American Letters and champion of literary Realism. One of the most acclaimed writers during his lifetime and considered a close confidant and close friend to Mark Twain.

Personal Life

Steven Howells spent a year reconnecting to his roots by working on community food growing projects in rural Wales. On returning to South Africa he injected new life into many of its best bands, such as Ngoi (crossover funk), Khaki Monitor (latin jazz and soul), and Heather Mac Band (deeply emotive songwriting).

Akai company hired him to design sounds and user interfaces for its top samplers. Additionally, his band, Space Kadets uses loop technology in an improvisatory environment for creative performances.

Christopher Lambeth lived approximately 20 miles from where the Miller girls were located in Richville, NY. Neighbors told police that they did not recognize Lambeth; other residents reported not recognizing him either since he would often stay hidden in his room.

Net Worth

Howells not only has experience as an actor but he also holds three securities licenses (Series 66, 63 and 7).

According to his online obituary, Howells met Nicole on a bus in Hawaii. He later described her as his best friend and life partner; they later married shortly afterwards and enjoyed many happy years together.

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