Steven Kitnick

Steven Kitnick – Heels Season 2 Host

Heels season 2 brings back its star, but this time as host. The series follows two brothers as they attempt to maintain a family wrestling promotion business.

Steven Kitnick Seminars LLC – a Nevada real estate continuing education provider. Since 2004, Steven has presented more than 2,400 live CE classes and events. Thousands of Las Vegas and Henderson licensees have attended his seminars.

Early Life and Education

Steven Kitnick is an extremely successful real estate professional with 36 years of experience, having sold thousands of properties throughout Southern Nevada during this time. Additionally, he negotiated contracts and closed innumerable escrows during this time. Drawing upon his entertainment background for inspiration, Steve conducts classes with pride and passion while his trademarked slogan of “Results with Integrity” represents his business philosophy perfectly.

Current positions held include managing director for Steven Kitnick Seminars LLC in Las Vegas which offers live continuing education courses to real estate agents in this region.

Professional Career

With over 36 years of real estate experience, Kitnick has represented clients and customers in the marketing and sale of residential properties. He has developed and implemented customized marketing strategies, negotiated contracts, and coordinated the successful closing of innumerable escrows – his trademarked slogan being “Results with Integrity.” Since 2003 he has served as managing director of Steven Kitnick Seminars LLC (which offers continuing education classes to Nevada real estate licensees), providing thousands of live CE classes and events directly to Las Vegas-Henderson real estate community while conducting seminars to other industries as well.

Achievement and Honors

Steven Kitnick Seminars has received numerous accolades over time, particularly for its real estate education business, winning multiple awards and receiving recognition as a Top Real Estate Company by various publications.

Dean and Junction 48 won the Founders Narrative Feature Award while Do Not Resist was honored with the Founders Art Poster Award. Jurors included Hill Harper, Col Needham, and Ry Russo-Young.

Over his 36-year real estate career, he has developed and implemented customized marketing strategies for each of his clients and customers, as well as successfully closing numerous escrows. His trademarked slogan of “Results with Integrity” sums up his professional philosophy perfectly; moreover, the firm he established in 2003 is now recognized as Nevada real estate licensee continuing education provider.

Personal Life

Steven Kitnick Seminars LLC provides real estate continuing education classes to licensees throughout Southern Nevada. Mr. Kitnick has presented over 2,400 live CE courses and events.

His sense of humor shines through in many of his projects, like when he installed two front pocket wallets from a SkyMall catalogue on an international flight to Malmo’s Johan Berggren Gallery as installations in separate recesses of Malmo’s Johan Berggren Gallery.

Kitnick resides with his wife Jill and two children Alexander and Zachary. In his free time he enjoys surfing, golfing and traveling as well as reading – particularly football and baseball.

Net Worth

Steve Kitnick has over 36 years of real estate experience representing clients and customers in the marketing and sale of residential properties, developing and implementing tailored marketing strategies, negotiating contracts, escrow closing coordination and receiving top producer awards from multiple states. A licensed professional engineer in multiple states and professional planner in NJ. Expert witness in civil and environmental litigation regarding engineering construction issues; serves as mediator.

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