Steven Kohler

Steven Kohler, a Member of the FVTC Board of Trustees

Steven Kohler provides compilations, financial statement reviews and audits to local unions as well as multi-employer benefit plans.

He offers treatment for the following conditions:

Steven Kohler has been recognized as one of the top doctors in America. He has earned outstanding patient reviews on Healthgrades. Associated with Cape Cod Hospital.

Early Life and Education

Steven Kohler has long been an integral member of FVTC Board of Trustees, serving in a number of leadership capacities such as national personnel officer, wing inspector general, group commander and squadron commander. Additionally, he has completed various leadership programs.

Kohler studied at the Universities of Tubingen and Bonn. For his Ph.D thesis he collaborated with Max Planck and Carl Stumpf on studying how physical principles relate to psychology.

In 1917, von Restorff published The Mentality of Apes as a compilation of his research on how apes solve problems. Chimpanzees were chosen as test subjects as they shared characteristics with humans like insight learning and memory recall. He assisted von Restorff in her studies of both isolation effects and memory recall theories.

Professional Career

Kohler was an accomplished fighter pilot and intelligence professional during his service in the Navy, providing leadership at both tactical and governance levels. Additionally, he played an instrumental role in improving Department of Defense business and warfighting domain capabilities in information warfare capabilities.

He has held various leadership roles within Kohler Co. and currently serves as its Chairman of the Board, while his son David took over as President and CEO in 2015.

Kohler was previously an emergency medicine specialist at UC San Diego Health System. In this position, he was responsible for devising innovative curricula designed to increase quality improvement and patient satisfaction at residency level as well as creating medical malpractice didactics between emergency medicine residents and law students.

Achievement and Honors

Robert Kohler was one of the co-founders and professors at Psychological Institute of University of Berlin’s Psychological Institute. Additionally, he established Kohler Scholarship Endowments at Duke University’s Drama Department as well as creating Arts/Industry residency programs which welcome artists into factories to create sculptures from plumbing products.

He served on the Board of Lakeshore Technical College in Cleveland, Wisconsin as well as being an American Legion member. Additionally, he held positions within Civil Air Patrol/U.S. Air Force Auxiliary including Wing Inspector General, Group Commander and Squadron Commander responsibilities.

His favorite pastimes included golf, hiking, yoga and theatre performances. Additionally, he enjoyed flying private planes as a hobby and spending time with his family.

Personal Life

Kohler is married to Angela and has two children: Vivien and Martin. In his free time he volunteers his services coaching youth sports teams and helping the church with youth programs. Furthermore, he holds an official membership status within the Civil Air Patrol/U.S. Air Force Auxiliary as Lieutenant Colonel – something which makes his time at volunteer activities truly invaluable.

He enjoys exploring national parks west of Ohio, such as Badlands in South Dakota and Bryce Canyon/Zion in Utah. Additionally, he likes playing guitar, singing songs and writing music.

He is deeply passionate about history and has visited numerous landmarks, such as Rutherford B Hayes Presidential Library in Fremont and Franklin Roosevelt and Theodore Kennedy Libraries in New York City, among other iconic museums nationwide. Furthermore, he’s an avid reader and passionate supporter of local art galleries.

Net Worth

The Kohler Company is an American manufacturing firm best known for their plumbing products, furniture, engines and generators, tile, philanthropic giving, arts support, education grants and health care donations. Their founder Herb Kohler believed his company should serve as an example of civic and community involvement; to this end he instituted three main guiding principles to guide operations – investing in state-of-the-art technology; revitalizing product innovation traditions; and initiating brand-awareness advertising campaigns.

Laura Kohler is the Senior Vice President for Human Resources, Stewardship and Sustainability at Kohler Co. She has been part of their organization for 45 years and sits on its board of the Kohler Foundation (a separate entity to Kohler’s corporate charitable giving) which offers consumer and commercial financial institution services in Northeast Wisconsin.

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