Steven Leland

Steven Leland, LMHC

Steven Leland, LMHC is a Counselor based out of Florida offering child, adolescent and adult mental health counseling services and accepting most major insurance plans.

Leland shared Jean’s fondness of family reunions, Christmas caroling, visual art exhibitions and cultural festivals; as well as enjoying quiet prayer services and reverent moments amidst nature; appreciating accompanists, pastors, and teachers for their hard work and devotion.

Early Life and Education

Steven Leland is a licensed mental health counselor who has extensive experience working with children, adolescents, and adult patients. He specializes in depression and anxiety disorders, anger management strategies, stress relief techniques, grief/loss issues, behavior modification techniques and life enhancement.

He was an accomplished businessman who founded his first company at age 44 and ran it for 20 years before retiring at 56. Now retired, his primary goal is to inspire others to realize their dreams; appearing on various shows such as Top Chef, Bizarre Foods, and even The Dog Whisperer.

He is also an author, having been featured in various magazines. His book “As You Go, So Shall I” serves to motivate individuals in their pursuit of excellence; its translation has taken place into several languages.

Professional Career

Steve Leland is both a National Board Certified Counselor and Florida-licensed Mental Health Counselor who specializes in helping his clients address both common and rare emotional and behavioral issues through a customized approach tailored specifically for each person’s unique needs. He has demonstrated success helping address depression/anxiety disorders, anger management/stress reduction/grief/loss issues as well as behavior modification among his client base.

Top Chef has featured him as a celebrity judge, while Sci Fi Channel documented the production of’s Reach for the Stars song that was transmitted to Mars to encourage students to pursue STEAM careers. Through these professional experiences on high stakes teams he gained an in-depth and nuanced knowledge of team dynamics and effective collaboration strategies.

Achievement and Honors

He is the author of numerous scientific papers and holds numerous US patents in medical instrumentation and fluorocarbons, as well as having appeared on Top Chef, Bizarre Foods and Cesar Milan’s Dog Whisperer to assist him with an unruly pup! For 24 years he served NASA as both researcher and astronaut while being appointed to its Federal Coordination in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics Education Task Force by President Clinton.

Leland maintains an extensive trombone studio where many of his students have had successful auditions for state honor bands and regional music programs as well as auditioning successfully into the Cleveland Orchestra Youth Orchestra, Cincinnati College Conservatory, Baldwin Wallace Conservatory or Baldwin Wallace Conservatory. Leland was honored as an ICON MANN along with Quincy Jones, Forrest Whitaker and other influential men chosen for inspiring lasting positive change within their communities.

Personal Life

Steve Leland is a motivational speaker and author who strives to motivate both individuals and communities toward excellence, perseverance and long-term positive change. Leland draws upon his experiences as a research scientist, engineer, astronaut and Senior Executive Service leader at NASA to encourage young people into STEM fields such as Science Technology Engineering Arts and Mathematics (S.T.E.A.M). Additionally he has appeared as a celebrity judge on TV shows Top Chef as well as Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmerman; an avid golfer himself as well as having appeared in multiple films like Faults alongside Mary Elizabeth Winstead alongside Mary Elizabeth Winstead as well as Riley Stearns psychological thriller The Guest. Steve currently resides with his wife in Huntington Indiana along with their two children

His expertise lies in assisting clients to address both common and uncommon emotional/behavioral problems such as depression, anxiety disorders, stress management, anger issues, grief/loss issues, behavior modification and mindfulness.

Net Worth

He specializes in economic and urban development, anchor engagement, city strategy, and placemaking. He has advised over 50 cities, universities, developers, and Fortune 500 companies in creating more dynamic, innovative, and inclusive communities.

Steven Dux also runs his own website, Steven Here he chronicles his life story and offers stock trading advice. Additionally, his YouTube channel serves to connect him with fans.

Hilary Korzon Crowder is a graduate of Calvin College who now works as both a brand sales representative and interior decorator, in addition to serving as Leland International market strategist/promoter. Since 2012, this couple have been together and enjoy being together. Neither one have any children yet!

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