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Stephen Meeker – Writer, Actor, Mime, and Dancer

Steve Meeker discovered during his research into his family history that Great Aunt Ida had been murdered, which inspired him to pen a historical fiction novel based upon this discovery.

Meeker has worked as a GED teacher with inmates incarcerated at various prisons over many years and his successes have served as an inspiration to them.

Early Life and Education

Steve Meeker came from a low-income family in Connecticut. Thanks to a chance encounter with Governor Rell of Connecticut, however, he attended Weston Academy. Following graduation he moved on to Minnesota where he served on Territorial Supreme Court as Justice.

He has spent much of his life engaged in ministries outside a traditional classroom setting, such as camp ministry, disciple making and hospitality initiatives, church planting efforts, postwar humanitarian aid programs and postwar disaster relief assistance.

Meeker met Kerry Max Cook at one of his lowest points in prison, when his conviction had been confirmed and after having been attacked. She worked closely with Cook to help prepare him for a GED examination and help find employment once released from incarceration – something Cook credits Meeker with being instrumental in saving his life.

Professional Career

Stephen Caron has over 27 years of experience in the design/build industry and has worked on projects involving emergency first responder facilities, schools, restaurants, medical & diagnostic centers, laboratories banks & infrastructure renovations. He prides himself on building strong teams which deliver results which surpass the clients’ expectations while enjoying creating lasting relationships with repeat clients over time.

Aaron first got into live events as a performer, quickly transitioning into production management and eventually finding his home at Bentley Meeker Lighting & Staging Inc (BLI). Here he combined his love of craft with his natural ability to foster relationships, while witnessing disciple makers grow their full potential thanks to LLI’s online and onsite training solutions. His favorite aspect of LLI’s training programs has always been watching disciple makers realize their full potential!

Achievement and Honors

Steven Meeker is currently studying acting and dance at Otterbein University. She has won four Gold Key awards at Scholastic Art Competition and Mainstage Improv. Additionally, Steven is co-founder and president of Erase the Space a nonprofit connecting students from diverse socioeconomic and cultural backgrounds.

Meeker’s work centers around light and shadow. Her paintings have been displayed at Garvey|Simon Gallery as well as CORE: club in Manhattan and Chelsea. Additionally, she created “Weedworld,” an installation dedicated to marijuana that remains in Penticton Canada permanently. Additionally, Meeker runs Leadership Lab International program which equips young leaders for multicultural ministry and church planting teams in Croatia.

Personal Life

Stephen Meeker has an intense dedication to ministry. He has overseen numerous Bible camps and evangelism programs as well as leadership training through Leadership Lab International.

Meeker was still relatively unknown when he replaced Marlon Brando as Stanley Kowalski in the original Broadway production of A Streetcar Named Desire in 1947, yet delivered an outstanding performance which won critical acclaim and earned him touring company roles of this play.

Meeker is best-known for his television work, having appeared on episodes of The Rookies, Primus, Room 222, Ironside, Toma, Barbary Coast Cannon The Evil Touch as well as multiple other series and features films including The Naked Spur recurring role as a police officer on CHiPs.

Net Worth

Steven Meeker is a Brooklyn-based writer, actor, mime and dancer completing his BFA Acting and Dance major at Otterbein University. In addition to Mainstage Improv, Steven is also an alumnus of Eugene O’Neill Theater Institute.

Meeker was widely respected for her annual Internet industry reports that Fortune magazine described as being “rambling and overambitious, yet jam-packed with potential ideas for action.” Additionally, she provided an in-depth overview of the Internet during Web 2.0 conferences each fall.

Mary Meeker owns shares in Block Inc (SQ), DocuSign Inc (DOCU) and LendingClub Corp (LC). On 20 March 2006 she exercised 1,941 units of Churchill Downs stock worth $6,474.70 – which can be found here along with other stock trades she made that same day. Her estimated net worth as of May 31 2023 stands at $40 Million dollars.

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