Steven Putman

Neurology Specialist, Steven Putman III, MD

Steven Putman III, MD specializes in Neurology in Charlotte, North Carolina and currently practices at 2001 Vail Avenue affiliated with Atrium Health Carolinas Medical Center. Additionally, he accepts multiple insurance providers.

Johnnie and Steve would often find themselves fundraising off-air for worthy causes, whether by hosting special events or selling CDs; together they were able to raise thousands for local organizations.

Early Life and Education

Steven Putman was born May 17th 1950 in Portland Oregon and attended Wilson High School before going on to earn both his undergraduate and postgraduate degrees from Oregon State University.

Once he completed his education, he joined Oregon’s Department of Fish and Wildlife as an employee and led multiple research projects aimed at helping resolve problems pertaining to passage at dams, habitat productivity, hatchery supplementation, harvest, harvest effects and pesticide effects.

Cramer Fish Sciences was established by Cramer in 1978 to leverage his knowledge, experience, and energy towards solving resource management issues that had long vexed him. Through his efforts came numerous innovations within biology; these were highly praised by colleagues and the public alike. Cramer was also dedicated to his family; Theresa served as his rock throughout both his professional endeavors as well as various sports endeavors he took up during this time.

Professional Career

Steve Putman began acting at 17 and has appeared in a variety of films, television programs and commercials as well as hosted many upscale charity, film opening and beauty pageant events.

He has worked as both a meteorologist and expert on atmospheric composition. Additionally, he conducted extensive research on how transport processes are represented within atmospheric models and data assimilation systems.

Putman is an ARRL Life member and has been licensed as a radio amateur since 1972 with the callsign of WN4ZRR. Since that time he has held various leadership positions in his local Amateur Radio club as well as serving as an ARRL VEC Volunteer Examiner to establish a VEC program within his community. In addition, Putman is currently running for Vice Director position of Great Lakes Division.

Achievement and Honors

Putman has spent nearly thirty years striving to advance planning practice through quantitative methods and computer simulation. His models are used by some of the most acclaimed metropolitan planning agencies in America.

He received an award for his efforts with the White Marsh Wildlife Habitat project in Bowie, Maryland which reduced unlawful wildlife hunting and trapping by 95% within one year.

He enjoyed country and sports music, reading, building things and fixing things – playing basketball up until his knees gave out – as well as spending time with his family: wife Tinna Stevenson; Aaron Stevenson from his first marriage and Megan Tipping from his second; his grandson Breton Burke Payne as well as stepdaughters Tosha and Melissa are among his surviving loved ones.

Personal Life

Steve Putman, 46, died January 6, 1956 in Pontiac. His mother Eudora Bartz Putman still lives in Fairborn; and he leaves behind one child from his first marriage: Tinna Putman; two stepdaughters by Pam Loyd-Putman from his second marriage; 15 grandchildren as well as aunts and uncles Carl Putman in Sun City, Norma Putman from Spencerville and Verne Bartz of Van Wert; as well as Lucy Bartz of Middle Point.

Dr. Steven Putman III, MD resides in Charlotte, North Carolina and offers neurology services. Dr. Putman attended University Iowa Hosps & Clinics for his Residency program before opening up practice at 2001 Vail Ave near Atrium Health Carolinas Medical Center – affiliated with which he accepts multiple insurance plans and accepts patients at Atrium Health Carolinas Medical Center; with one location available and his phone number being 704-637-6200.

Net Worth

At a time when hot money is flocking to marijuana and cryptocurrency investments, Putman has turned his focus towards unloved brands he can buy at drastically reduced prices – then capitalizing on nostalgic nostalgia or popular trends like collectibles (which saw growth of 28% last year in Canada) to generate revenue streams.

Putman does not brag about his investments and the hidden wealth in his account is hard to measure. With frat-boy novelties like life-sized Jason from Friday the 13th and a cheeky neon sign with letters spelling out “luck”, his office may appear chaotic but there are few signs that point toward any wealth therein.

Google knows all there is about everyone, yet can’t locate him when searching his name – and that may well be for the best.

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