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Stephen Quintero – A Man of Honor, Value and Most Important LOVE

Quintero was found guilty after two hours of deliberations from a jury of 11 men and one woman; Blanca was shot to death at their far east El Paso home while their 8-year-old daughter witnessed most of the fight between him and Blanca and grabbed a butter knife to protect her mother, according to testimony.

Early Life and Education

Quintero was raised in a family that was torn apart by their drinking, as his uncle and aunt testified. Both his father would leave them for days at a time while his mother indulged in extramarital affairs.

Cally Bright, the Deputy district attorney in this case, noted that Quintero should have known better given his DUI conviction; however, due to severe learning disabilities he could not fully comprehend the potential repercussions of driving under the influence.

Darlene Christof, a dancer at the establishment where Quintero entered, recognized him from a photographic line-up. She described him as looking scruffy while carrying a gun; furthermore she recalls him placing a rag into her mouth to silence her; wearing a dark jacket with a hood over his head he could be easily identifiable.

Achievement and Honors

Stephen Quintero was a man of great honor and dignity; but most importantly love. He leaves behind Maria his loving wife; sons Stephen J. Quintero and Dominic; daughters Adriana Hookland and Jamayra Torres-Morales; family dogs Meeko and Mabel; as well as many friends.

Quintero attended Compton College where he held entry-level jobs to save up for tuition and other expenses, receiving financial assistance through AB 540 and extra support services such as tutoring and supplemental instruction coaching. When he graduated, he was honored to deliver the commencement speech as well as being awarded the 2009 Assistant Secretary of the Army Contracting Noncommissioned Officer Award for Contracting Excellence as well as becoming a mentor to other students.

Personal Life

After appearing in several low-budget films and direct-to-video roles, Quintero gained Hollywood recognition through his electrifying portrayal of Charles Manson in Helter Skelter miniseries in 1976. This role brought with it fame and recognition in Hollywood.

In 1996, Steve returned to the studio with John Patitucci on bass and Jack DeJohnette on drums to record GOT MY MENTAL. Steve brought his unique playing and arranging perspective to Latin treatments of works by Wayne Shorter, Ornette Coleman and Lee Morgan as well as standards by Rodgers & Hammerstein and Jimmy Van Heusen – with special guest performances by Jack DeJohnette.

BGO Records(UK) released a reissue package of Steve Jordan’s three Eyewitness 2 albums: Public Access/Headline/CROSSINGS in 2018. On this release, Dave Weckl replaced Steve Jordan on drums for three tunes from Public Access while Anthony Jackson, Manolo Badrena and Dennis Chambers played drums on Crossings.

Net Worth

Weinkauf’s lawsuit included four claims: stalking, assault, intentional infliction of emotional distress (IIED), and domestic violence. As part of her punishment for these offenses, she was ordered to pay compensatory and punitive damages to Quintero.

On cross-examination, Weinkauf denied firing a gunshot at Quintero’s building; however, he would not testify on whether or not he knew a gunshot had been fired. A video footage was presented as evidence during trial proceedings.

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