Steven Rahn

Steven Rahn, 66, of Lewiston, Michigan, Passed Away Friday, January 14, 2022 at Ypsilanti County Medical Center

Rahn pushed both Catholic’s men’s and women’s track and field teams to unprecedented levels, earning All-Landmark Conference honors for the teams.

His legacy he leaves behind includes Maryann, their Portuguese water dog Abbie and numerous special friends and loved ones in Brockton, MA. He also left an immeasurable service legacy.

Early Life and Education

Rahn was an active member of his church and took time out for family. Additionally, he served as head football and golf coach at East Paulding high school. Following his sudden passing away, this tragedy sent shockwaves through the community; therefore a Go Fund Me page was established in support of Rahn’s family.

Rahn possessed the qualities that made him such an exceptional leader and friend to everyone around him. He was an honest individual who didn’t hesitate to express himself freely when discussing matters of importance; loyal to those closest to him; and deeply loved his family.

He leaves behind his wife, two sons and soon-to-be grandchild who mourn his loss as do his sisters and brother-in-law. A passionate runner himself, he enjoyed spending time with family.

Professional Career

Rahn has amassed an extensive background, musical experience and improvisational abilities that have propelled him to become one of urban jazz’s premier sonic architects – serving both established genre artists as well as up-and-coming ones who need help crafting hits for them to take the next step forward. Receiving multiple GRAMMY nominations speaks to Rahn’s invaluable artist and producer status.

Rahn is also an experienced track coach, having spent six seasons at Moravian College working with sprinters, hurdlers and combined event athletes. Under his tutelage the women’s and men’s teams achieved program-high rankings; several athletes under Rahn’s tutelage achieved Landmark Conference Rookie of the Year honors while field athlete Jordyn Walker received Academic All-Landmark Conference recognition as well.

Achievement and Honors

Steven Hollis, a Lindbergh High School student who receives language and resource services from SSD, has experienced remarkable advancement in his academics, athletics, extracurricular activities and communication abilities. After hard work to improve these areas of his life – both inside and outside school – his results speak for themselves as now he feels more at ease when talking with others.

Rahn is an avid sports fan and active member of his community. Recently he completed his inaugural SASUKE run, which he described as being “an absolute blast!”

He also worked as the assistant track and field coach at Moravian College, working with sprinters and hurdles athletes. In 2021 alone, two female students under his tutelage achieved Landmark Conference Championships while another qualified for NCAA qualifying standards – further elevating both men’s and women’s teams to new heights within the program’s history.

Personal Life

Steven Rahn was a man who deeply cared for his family. Upon his passing, his death sent shockwaves through the community; several students organized a vigil on the football field at school while an online fundraising page has also been set up in their memory.

He had the ability to make people feel cared for. He was unafraid to share his honest opinions; nothing went unsaid between them. He never took anything for granted.

He was also an intense competitor. At SASUKE 37 – competing as part of the American team – he won a bronze medal in men’s team all-around competition. An outstanding competitor and friend in sport.

Net Worth

Steven Allen Rahn of Lewiston passed away peacefully Friday, January 14, 2022 at Ypsilanti County Medical Center after an illness of several months. Born November 6, 1955 in Bay City to Herman Rudolph and Gloria Jacqueline LaPan Rahn. Surviving are his wife Denise Lynn Rahn of Lewiston; daughters Jesica Pickett and Stephanie Jackson both from Ypsilanti; son Kevin Rahn from Lewiston; grandchildren including 11 great-grandchildren soon-to-arrive; siblings John Rahn (from Germfask), Connie Rahn-Boynton from Ypsilanti; as well as many nieces & nephews as special friends he leaves many special friends behind him in their wake.

Rahn has conducted multiple trades of Herbalife Ltd stock with an average trading value over six years of $241 thousand per trade. On 7 May 2012 he exercised 4,959 units worth more than $55 million from Herbalife Ltd’s stock offering and currently owns 24,2113 units valued at over $55 million.

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