Steven Rand

Steven Rand

Steven Rand has an antisocial side, one that runs deep through his worldly presence and business acumen. He does not appreciate how business networking restricts creative expression to marketable profiles.

He founded apexart, a non-profit contemporary arts organization in New York City that challenges established notions about art, exhibitions and curation through its open calls, Fellowship program and public programs.

Early Life and Education

Born and educated in New York City, he earned his undergraduate degree at Queens College before going on to receive both a master’s in industrial engineering from Columbia University and coursework for a PhD in quantitative analysis from USC without ever writing his dissertation.

He established apexart, a non-profit arts organization in Lower Manhattan, as a non-profit arts organization in 1994 and since that time has hosted over 170 exhibitions since its conception. The venue offers opportunities for emerging curators and artists as well as mid-career professionals to work side-by-side.

Rand’s defense of rational self-interest and rejection of altruism accounts in part for her widespread readership appeal; but also accounts for much of her unfavorability among academic philosophers. Polemic style and lack of philosophical rigor could contribute to this phenomenon; Nietzsche’s influence and Marxist-Leninist education likely also played a part.

Professional Career

Steven Rand is an attorney at Zeichner Ellman & Krause LLP specializing in business litigation issues. Based in New York, NY and serving the local community.

Rand’s early professional years included designing stock graphics and illustrating newspaper ads. To boost his portfolio for prospective employers, he attended Georg Grosz’s drawing class at Art Students League; according to him this had given him a substantial start.

As RAND’s Senior Structural Engineer, he provides evaluation, design and construction administration services for structural rehabilitation and exterior repair projects. He is experienced with conducting New York City Local Law 11/98 facade inspections as well as roof-level conditions analysis. In addition, he has spoken at numerous industry events as part of RAND. In addition, he belongs to the New York Chapter of American Society for Testing and Materials.

Achievement and Honors

Rand took an innovative, problem-solving approach to graphic design and integrated the principles of European avant-garde art movements into his work, making him one of the most influential figures in graphic design history. His art directorship was legendary; as were his teaching skills and writing ability.

He was also an accomplished artist. His works were featured in museums and galleries around New York, Cologne and Lodz; these included: DDM Warehouse Gallery in New York (ddm Warehouse Gallery), Gallerie Schueppenhauer in Cologne and Wschodnia Gallery (Lodz). Furthermore, several publications featured his designs as well.

He was an active member of the American Institute of Graphic Arts and was awarded with the AIGA Medal for Lifetime Achievement as well as receiving the Design Directors Club Special Educators Award. He passed away in 2022 at Gundersen Lutheran Hospital in LaCrosse, Wisconsin.

Personal Life

Steven Rand was known to exhibit creativity throughout his everyday life. From crafting walking sticks for friends and family to exploring breakfast restaurants in his area and gardening, Steven had an affinity for music and art that pervaded every aspect of his existence.

In 1994, he established apexart as a non-profit art organization to promote contemporary art in New York City. Through open calls for curators of emerging and established curators alike to engage in discussions surrounding contemporary art by organizing themed exhibitions, this organization fosters dialogue on these contemporary issues through open calls for curators.

On top of his other talents, he also designed light installations – one being for the extension of the European Patent Office in Munich – as well as working on stadium concerts, festivals and theatrical productions. On February 8th 2022 he died peacefully at Gundersen Lutheran Hospital in LaCrosse Wisconsin with his loving family by his side.

Net Worth

He has built his success through handling commercial litigation for banks and financial institutions, Fortune five hundred companies and entrepreneurial small business clients in diverse fields including complex real estate (foreclosures, work-outs), banking law (including credit losses due to operating errors or fraud) as well as trusts and estates matters.

He is also one of the founding partners of Allegis Group staffing agency and owns stakes in Equinox Fitness and SoulCycle. Robert Kraft Jr is his son; Robert sold newspapers as a child while amassing a fortune through Rand-Whitney and International Forest Products companies he controlled as owner.

He made headlines in 2016 by joining Donald Trump’s presidential race as an opponent and representing Kentucky in the US Senate. Along with Denise, they own 49% of Baltimore Ravens ownership.

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