Steven Turley

Steven Turley – A Profile of a Christian Lawyer

Stephen Turley is an American public speaker, blogger, and author who writes about Christian beliefs and practices. In addition to speaking publicly on these subjects, he hosts his own podcast called ‘Turley Talks” that has proven successful at earning him much revenue; plus selling apparel and merchandise through his website.

He earned his undergraduate degree in Economics at Stanford University, followed by an MDiv at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary and eventually his PhD in History from University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Early Life and Education

Steven Turley is an author and public speaker who advocates right-wing populism. He hosts his own podcast called Turley Talks and regularly addresses various audiences about his beliefs. Furthermore, Turley often appears as a guest on popular news programs.

Hinkle Law Firm LLC in Wichita, Kansas employs him as a family law attorney. His practice areas of specialty are divorce, custody and support cases as well as paternity matters; additionally he has extensive litigation experience.

His hobbies include fishing and hiking. He enjoys traveling and reading history books. As an enthusiast of Renaissance art and music, he owns an extensive library on these subjects as well as being a classical guitarist himself. Furthermore, he likes writing essays about himself or debating political issues on political forums, as well as speaking publicly about these topics on his website blog where he discusses topics he finds of particular interest to him.

Professional Career

Stephen Turley is an experienced family law attorney at Hinkle Law Firm LLC in Wichita, Kansas. His clients appreciate his professional yet straightforward approach to legal matters as he helps them resolve financial disputes as well as civil litigation proceedings.

He is well-known for his extensive writing on various legal subjects ranging from constitutional law and theory, as well as popular publications and legal journals.

Turley is known for his academic work but also works as a writer and speaker. His podcast series Turley Talks hosts guests such as conservative commentators and political leaders from his podcast series Turley Talks. Furthermore, his passion lies with church history as evidenced by his doctorate degree on early Christian devotional practice from Durham University in England.

Achievement and Honors

Although Steve Turley bears the title “doctor”, he is not a medical practitioner; instead, he is an internationally acclaimed scholar of Christianity practice and theology as well as Greek arts and literature. Additionally, he has an exceptional knowledge of music as a classical guitarist.

Tall Oaks Classical School has welcomed him as an instructor of Theology and Greek. Additionally, he has written several books as well as speaking engagements at multiple media platforms.

He holds an optimistic view of Europe, supporting Hungarian far-right leader Viktor Orban. Furthermore, he believes Christianity to be threatened by Muslim immigrants. Together with his wife in Newark, Delaware they enjoy fishing, gardening, and Duck Dynasty marathons in their free time.

Personal Life

At his core is classical guitarist and author Chris Anderson who uses his work to spread Christianity. Authoring several books as well as writing for various magazines and journals as well as teaching at Tall Oaks Classical School in Delaware and Eastern University in Philadelphia are among his primary areas of focus.

He holds an avid interest in both theology and Greek arts. He strongly advocates Christianity as the way to spiritual awakening; his many texts that support this view have received rave reviews on Amazon.

He enjoys golfing, attending Wind Surge games and spending time with his family in his free time. Additionally, he practices law at Hinkle Law Firm LLC in Wichita and his areas of specialization include family law, civil litigation and appeals.

Net Worth

He has an extensive legal background and has worked on various high-profile cases such as Sami Al-Arian’s defense, NSA whistleblower David Faulk’s disclosures, Utah polygamy laws and civil rights issues involving Sami and David Faulk, among many others.

Steve Turley is an esteemed author, speaker, and scholar with a widespread following on YouTube. His videos provide updates on current world affairs with custom thumbnails depicting people being discussed.

He holds a very pessimistic view of the future and is an outspoken supporter of Hungarian far-right leader Viktor Orban, whom he supports ardently. His views of Europe borderline fascist and he has even promoted “Defender of Europe” mugs with this slogan on them – his brand can also be purchased via his website along with merchandise and books from him.

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