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Artist Profile – Steven Whetstone

Steven Whetstone is an artist from South Carolina who earned his BFA at the University of South Carolina. While attending school he pitched for their baseball team but ultimately decided to follow his passion in art instead.

Whetstone Legal LLC was established by Mr. Whetstone in 2017 to offer insurance law services to policy holders across Ohio. Renowned as the “Roof Lawyer”, he handles an array of issues.

Early Life and Education

He attended Lexington District Two, South Carolina Governors School for the Arts and University of South Carolina where he earned a bachelor’s degree in art studio. Additionally he taught art to middle and secondary school students. In recognition of his talent he won multiple awards and accolades.

His parents were immigrants from Hungary and his early life was extremely challenging. His mother worked at a shoe store and relied heavily on state benefits; while his father represented Hungary at the 1936 Olympic Winter Games.

He currently hosts The Next Revolution on Fox News and estimates his annual income at around $40 Million. Meritage Homes Corporation also counts him among their shareholders.

Professional Career

Steven Whetstone has built an esteemed career in education, technology equity, and community advocacy. Through his efforts he has brought resources and opportunities to countless communities nationwide.

He enjoys cooking in his free time and uses local ingredients whenever possible to craft his dishes. Furthermore, he likes experimenting with new recipes and flavors.

He recently visited Fulmer Middle School’s eighth grade honors art class to demonstrate gesture drawing and watercolor techniques to the students. He credits Melanie Ward as having inspired him to pursue art as a career, encouraging him to attend University of South Carolina for art studio degree as well as follow his passion of painting.

Achievement and Honors

Steven Whetstone has enjoyed an illustrious painting career. Specializing in landscapes and portraits, his works are prized among individual collectors as well as corporations alike – his style can range from loose contemporary abstract to classical impressionist styles.

He is also an art instructor for students and hosts a weekly radio program called Setting the Table on Whetstone Radio Collective. Furthermore, he has published writing works in several publications.

Whetstone is an essential member of her school’s data team, field day committee and DIBELS testing team as well as mentoring new teachers and tutoring after school. She strongly believes in leadership development through academic achievement so she encourages her students to help one another with academic tasks and leadership challenges. Furthermore, she sends personal notes every holiday reassuring each of them of her belief in them.

Personal Life

Steven Whetstone is a professional artist with his studio at City Art. His primary mediums of choice are oil and watercolor paintings; in addition, clay and bronze work is also done. Whetstone believes even still-life paintings convey movement and energy.

He has deep ties to Lexington District Two, where he first learned the art of drawing. Melanie Ward from Fulmer Middle School took an avid interest in him and encouraged his passion for painting.

Steven Whetstone also owns his own law firm in Thornville, Ohio known as The Roof Lawyer in the restoration industry and offers various legal services to policy holders including contract review/drafting services, class action lawsuit filing and management as well as general legal matters.

Net Worth

Regular contributor to Esquire, New York magazine and other publications, Whetstone magazine’s co-founder is also host of food anthropology podcast Point of Origin as well as author of multiple books including More Human.

Rachel Whetstone was previously Michael Howard’s political secretary and aide. Since then she has held roles at Google as its head of communications officer; Uber as senior vice president for policy and communication and now Netflix as chief communications officer.

She and her husband are godparents to Ivan Cameron, David Cameron’s eldest son. They reside in London with an estimated net worth estimated to be $5 million and are both actively involved in politics as well as charitable efforts, supporting numerous causes and charities.

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