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An Allentown Constable Is Under Fire For Impersonating a Police Officer

Lehigh County court is investigating whether or not an Allentown constable meets eligibility requirements to hold this office, so his eligibility to work was challenged in New Jersey on charges of impersonating police officer and unlawful possession of weapon, among others. His elected position could now be lost as a result.

Wiggs failed to allege facts in his Amended Complaint that address the deficiencies noted by this Court in its prior opinion and, therefore, cannot amend it with prejudice. The Court denies leave for him to amend it further.

Early Life and Education

Wiggs was raised by her single mother as part of a theatrical environment and began performing at an early age. After attending Texas State University for her undergraduate degree in music, she has gone on to be active within Austin jazz scene, performing at Birdland and Dizzy’s Club among many other places.

In 2019, Wiggs was arrested and charged with impersonating a police officer after she was discovered at an Essex County building in New Jersey with a weapon and fake badge, purporting to be from Pennsylvania while police claim she doesn’t possess such credentials.

In 1988, she joined Perfect Disaster as bass guitarist before later joining Kim Deal and Tanya Donelly from Throwing Muses to form The Breeders in 1990. She continued touring and recording with them until 2009 when Mando Lopez took her place.

Professional Career

Stephen has developed and promoted numerous Private Bills, Statutory Instruments, Rules, Schemes and Byelaws on behalf of local authorities, public bodies, utilities, transport undertakers, commercial organisations and charities – as well as making amendments to Government Bills.

Stevens has played a pivotal role in Averett achieving numerous USA South academic all-conference and CoSIDA all-district selections, in addition to providing professional development opportunities for coaches, graduate assistants, student-athletes and their families by sending them to various NCAA conventions and leadership conferences.

Amy Saxton Wiggs is a graduate of Rice University’s Shepherd School of Music and holds both Bachelor and Master Degrees in Flute Performance. She free-lances with Houston arts organizations and maintains her own private flute studio; performing Master Classes for Louis Moyse, Carol Wincenc, Ransom Wilson and Geoffrey Gilbert as well as world premiering Eric L McIntyre’s Of Minong for solo flute, solo cello and orchestra.

Achievement and Honors

Steven Wiggs was charged with illegal possession of weapons and ammunition magazines as well as having a false badge at an Essex County facility where his gun and fake badge were discovered – with accusations being levelled against him of impersonating a police officer.

Wiggs first joined Perfect Disaster in 1988, playing bass guitar on their albums Asylum Road, Up, and Heaven Scent. Kim Deal then invited both Wiggs and Throwing Muses guitarist Tanya Donelly from Throwing Muses to join The Breeders for several shows that year.

Lehigh County District Attorney Jim Martin filed papers to remove Allentown Constable Steven Wiggs after it was determined he did not reside at the address listed on his election papers. City ordinance stipulates that constables must live within the ward they are elected for service.

Personal Life

Steven Wiggs is a loving husband and proud to call himself part of his family’s life. He’s particularly fond of watching sports – particularly Dallas Cowboys games – while reading books, antiquing, listening to Eminem, Lynyrd Skynyrd music, as well as collecting them!

He currently resides in Chula Vista with his wife and children, where he enjoys traveling, spending time with family, and spending time outdoors. Additionally, he worked as a constable in Pennsylvania.

Wiggs reunited with Kim Deal and Jim Macpherson to play three shows as The Breeders as part of 4AD’s release of LSXX, a limited-edition box set and three CD package of their 1993 album Last Splash; which marked their first full-length release since fifteen years.

Net Worth

Pete Wiggs has made an enormous impactful in the Music industry and quickly become known and wealthy within a short span. Now living a lavish lifestyle alongside family and close friends. Being private by nature he prefers not sharing details of his private matters with media.

In 2021, Wiggs was removed from office as Allentown’s constable after a Lehigh County judge determined he did not reside at the address he used on his election petition and statement of financial interests; rather it served as maildrop while his true residence lay somewhere else entirely; according to law constables must live within their designated district/ward boundaries.

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