Sticky Jack

Sticky Jack Review

Sticky Jack is a sativa strain from Cresco that descends from Jack Herer and Lemon Glue Stomper parent strains. Its name comes from its uplifted state that sparks creativity while simultaneously inspiring happiness, as well as providing focus and motivation.

This strain features neon green minty nugs with orange hairs and golden resinous trichomes for a coating. Aromas include woody pine and fresh citrus with hints of mango.

Early Life and Education

Preparing our children for future success by providing early life education is essential, yet many Americans face barriers and difficulties in this regard. Evidence shows that certain programs such as WIC, home visiting by nurse practitioners and high-quality child care may make a difference – these could include WIC, home visiting programs with nurse practitioners and high-quality daycare centers.

Sticky Jack is a hybrid (70% sativa/30% indica) strain known for the thick resin coat on its buds, producing an indica-dominant high that produces an extremely relaxing, happy, and focused experience. Best enjoyed during the daytime hours. Aroma is sweet with notes of mango, pine needles, raw wood and some hint of menthol; users report feelings of euphoria, happiness and motivation that may lead to creativity or work productivity. Myrcene serves as its primary terpene; flavor as well as providing medical and experiential benefits.

Achievement and Honors

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Personal Life

Jack Fulton enjoys an otherwise fulfilling personal life despite his unsavory career, marrying Sarah Lynn Richards and fathering son Pug. Additionally, he maintains contacts with old acquaintances such as Mordecai ‘The Hammer’ O’Leary.

This sativa strain is known for the large quantity of sticky resin covering its neon green minty buds, lending it an almost magical sticky sheen. A phenotype of Jack Herer, it shares similar effects: an immediate mood boost and surge of mental energy; feelings of happiness, euphoria, motivation and creativity as well as citrus, pine needle, mango and raw wood flavors are prominent here; Myrcene is its primary terpene; making this strain appropriate for daytime use to treat conditions like ADD/ADHD; depression; chronic stress; loss of appetite; fatigue etc.

Net Worth

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