Sunil Thomas

Sunil Thomas – A Visionary Who Will Be Missed by All

He was an incredible visionary whose words touched all who encountered him. All who knew and loved him will mourn his departure.

Thomas has made significant advancements in translational science and has created diagnostic tools, medicine, procedures, and vaccines to treat disorders that impact millions of people annually. Through his work at Lankenau Institute of Medical Research he published the COVID-19 Genetic Resource Guide – an unprecedented compilation of its genetic code and protein structure – providing patients and health providers with crucial resources in dealing with COVID.

Early Life and Education

Sunil Thomas will long be remembered by those who knew him for his keen observations, knowledge, and judgement. His passion for life was unparalleled while his empathy, authenticity, kindness, and compassion became hallmarks of his character.

At his prolific best, he wrote multiple books on nature, culture, history and politics. Landscapes & Trees of Rishi Valley Education Centre (RVEC) provides an epic account of their struggle against nature to restore an otherwise barren semi-arid valley in Chittoor district with trees.

Dr. Sunil Thomas, MD of League City, Texas has over 11 years of experience as a Pain Medicine specialist and graduated from SAINT GEORGE’S UNIVERSITY/ SCHOOL OF MEDICINE. Currently practicing at Practice with multiple insurance plans accepted.

Professional Career

Sunil Thomas has more than two decades of experience working in banking and finance. As a developer, product owner, Scrum Master, and agile coach in medium and large organizations he has gained an in-depth knowledge of their respective challenges for project delivery and development efforts.

He has developed several diagnostic kits to detect sandal spike phytoplasma, an infectious tick-borne disease. Through his work he also discovered a monoclonal antibody which binds to lipid rafts to inhibit bacteria entering cells.

Dr. Thomas is double board-certified in pain medicine and physical medicine and rehabilitation, treating adult patients for various conditions at Evolution Pain and Spine in League City and Lake Jackson, Texas. An exceptional listener, he thoroughly explains conditions.

Achievement and Honors

He was an ardent humanist and philanthropist who always found ways to help those in need, even during his illness when it could have become much harder for him.

Thomas has made an enormous contribution to translational science and its effect on health for individuals and communities alike. Drawing upon his extensive expertise in microbiology, immunology, molecular biology and cell biology – as well as being one of the only people qualified to develop diagnostic tools for diseases and vaccines – Thomas has produced significant progress for health.

His dedication to Binghamton students has won him several accolades, such as the Tyrone Ferdnance Civically Engaged Faculty Award in 2007. Additionally, he serves on the editorial boards for American Psychologist, Culture and Psychology and Qualitative and Historical Studies in Psychology journals; publishing over 45 articles and books covering subjects like transnational migration, identity formation and cultural psychology.

Personal Life

Sunil Thomas is an exceptionally skilled professional who knows how to deliver results. His services span an array of interventions such as cervical/lumbar epidural steroid injections, selective nerve root blocks, spinal cord stimulators, trigger point injections, medial branch blocks and radiofrequency ablation; additionally he excels at ultrasound guided procedures, plexus blocks and regenerative medicine.

His work centers around translational science. Utilizing his strong background in microbiology, immunology, and cell biology he develops diagnostic tools for diseases as well as vaccines against Ehrlichia bacteria. He currently is working on an Ehrlichia project.

Sunil Thomas, MD is an expert in Pain Medicine located in League City, TX and graduated from SAINT GEORGE’S UNIVERSITY/ SCHOOL OF MEDICINE with over 12 years of experience in his medical field.

Net Worth

Sunil Thomas currently boasts an estimated net worth of over $3 Million and owns 13,453 shares of Inspire Medical Systems Inc (INSP), according to his filing with the SEC. For more details, view his most up-to-date holdings summary.

He has also engaged in trading of Mastech Digital Inc (MHH) shares. His most significant transaction took place on 16 December 2022 when he sold 991,000 units valued at over $10,048,740.

Before founding CleverTap, Sunil Thomas held several C-suite roles at Network 18/Infospace/Blucora/Hewlett-Packard/Microsoft and played badminton and cricket regularly while living in San Francisco with his wife and son. His philanthropic activities focused on housing the homeless while supporting women empowerment/education as well as environmental sustainability/renewable energy initiatives.

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