Super Witch Challenge Best Decks

How to Create the Best Decks For the Super Witch Challenge

You need the right deck to beat the Super Witch Challenge. There are many decks that you can use for this game. The best ones are the Giant Witch deck and the Skeleton Army deck. Both of these decks have many combos, and they are both great choices for a challenge like this.

While the Super Witch Challenge can be difficult for new players, the rewards can be worth it. To get the highest score possible, it is a good idea build a deck around it. If you’re not sure how to build your deck, you can follow a few guides to learn how to create the best decks for the challenge.

The Super Witch Challenge is divided in four sections. Each section requires you to win a specific amount of games to advance and each part offers special rewards. The rewards for each section vary, and it can be hard to determine which deck to use for each part. Supercell doesn’t provide much guidance beyond the game, but there is plenty of information online.

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