Supersonic Jack

Supersonic Jack

From the creators of Running Fred comes an all new hero and adventure – Jack! Help him escape from Dr. Jaykovich’s evil train by jumping over explosive barrels, sliding under lethal lasers, running over walls to avoid acid pools and more! Upgrade Jack’s skills so he can jump, slide, walk over walls and make flying dashes for maximum excitement!

Early Life and Education

Jack learned leadership and education lessons within a community-of-faith context that valued hard work and devotion to family. Growing up as part of an extended family who met each Sunday for worship services, shared meals together, discussed life and the Bible – this fostered familial identity formation while developing his understanding of how faith communities teach, passing down traditions that are later reinterpreted by successive generations.

Jack played an instrumental role in shaping ongoing conversations around education and public life as editor of Religious Education, the premier scholarly journal in his field. Under his watchful gaze, it expanded globally in reach and contributions made. Furthermore, Jack founded Horizons in Religious Education series as an initiative highlighting new scholarship. Lastly, during his final years, his strong commitment to interfaith engagement became especially clear.

Achievement and Honors

Jack was an accomplished researcher in many facets of supersonic and subsonic aerodynamics, publishing over 200 technical papers between 1943 and 1984 on topics ranging from parawings, sail rotors, dispersion in estuaries and wake turbulence. Engineer he pioneered engineering methods for computing separate flows on aircraft and missiles, and made significant contributions to the theory of flow around bodies with an acute angle of attack. He served on numerous national committees, such as AIAA technical committees for fluid dynamics, atmospheric flight mechanics and aerodynamic stability and control; NASA panels on gas dynamics theory configuration and aerodynamics; and U.S. Navy committees focusing on gas dynamics as well as missile stability and performance.

Help our hero Jack escape Dr. Jaykovich’s treacherous train full of deadly traps and critical devices! Jump over explosive barrels, slide under deadly lasers, run and walk over walls and roof of wagons to avoid acid pools and collect coins! Jack can improve his riding, sliding and wall walking skills as he makes dashes flying to escape his foes!

Personal Life

Supersonic Jack has amassed an estimated net worth of over $100 Million. She owns her own jeans brand called SuperSonic Jeans and designs custom hats for Snoop Dogg, Carmen Electra, Pamela Anderson and others such as Snoop Dogg and Pamela Anderson among many others. She has appeared on shows such as MTV Good Morning America Beverly Hills 90210 Miami Ink by Kat Von D; The Howard Stern Show; has had cartoon character tattooed on herself; owns home in Beverly Hills with magic doors leading into exciting adventures; two children as well as published authorship!

Net Worth

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