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Star Trek: Enterprise Starring Anton Yelchin, Nichelle Nichols, Lee Bergere and Barbara Babcock

Whether you are a fan of the classic TV show or are just catching up on all the new episodes, there is no denying that Star Trek: Enterprise is one of the most popular shows on TV. The new series follows the adventures of the crew of the Enterprise as they travel across the universe in search of a new home. Featuring Anton Yelchin, Nichelle Nichols, Lee Bergere and Barbara Babcock, the new series is bringing a lot of new twists and turns to the iconic series.

Nichelle Nichols

Known as the first Black woman in high-ranking positions on American television, Nichelle Nichols was a pioneer in her field. She became a role model for others and a leader in the civil rights movement.

Nichols was a vocal advocate for the NASA space program. She served as a NASA recruiter and promoted diversity in the astronaut program. She recruited the first Black astronaut, Colonel Guion Bluford, as well as the first female astronaut, Dr. Sally Ride. Nichols worked with NASA for almost three decades. In addition to her work as a NASA astronaut recruiter, she volunteered with the NASA Astronaut Corps project to hire people who were underemployed or marginalized.

Barbara Babcock

During her long career, actress Barbara Babcock has starred in more than half a dozen television series, including Star Trek: The Next Generation. She has appeared in almost thirty films and made about sixty guest appearances. She won the Primetime Emmy Award for Best Leading Actress in 1981 for her role as Grace Gardner in Hill Street Blues.

Her first television appearance was in the 1956 episode of United States Steel Hour. She also appeared on ER. Babcock was married to Jay Sheffield from 1962 to 1968. She has since moved to Carmel, California.

Jill Ireland

During the late ’60s and early ’70s, Star Trek had a number of women on the cast. These included Jane Wyatt, Barbara Bouchet, Phyllis Connor, and Jill Ireland. In addition to their roles on Star Trek, these women also appeared in several other TV shows.

Jane Wyatt’s character Amanda Grayson was the mother of Mr. Spock. She also starred in the series Father Knows Best. In addition, she reprised her role as Janice Rand in six more Star Trek films.

Barbara Bouchet starred in many TV shows including Rawhide and Balance of Terror. She also appeared in more than 80 films. She also played the role of Angela Martine in 1966.

Persis Khambatta

During the production of Star Trek: The Motion Picture, Persis Khambatta played the role of Lieutenant Ilia, a Deltan navigator for the USS Enterprise. She had been initially signed for a five-year run in the role. In order to make the film, she had to shave her head.

Before Star Trek: The Motion Picture, Persis had a career in Indian films. She was named Miss India at age 17, and she participated in the Miss Universe pageant in 1965. She also modeled for Revlon and Air India. After her modeling career, she moved to Los Angeles. She appeared in two films in 1975.

Yeoman Janice Rand

During the original Star Trek series, Grace Lee Whitney played Yeoman Janice Rand. It was an iconic role that she played in three further Trek films in the eighties. After she left Star Trek, she became a prominent guest at conventions. She was also a popular actor in fan-made projects.

The first episode in which Janice Rand appeared was “The Man Trap.” She was a member of Captain James T. Kirk’s crew on the USS Enterprise. Kirk expected a male yeoman, so he was taken aback when Rand stepped in. The two of them were briefly romantically involved. However, this relationship never developed.

Lee Bergere

During the mid-1960s, actor Lee Bergere played a character created by aliens. It was a simulacrum of President Abraham Lincoln.

In “Star Trek: The Original Series,” he appeared in the episode “The Savage Curtain,” in which the crew was sent on an expedition to Memory Alpha, a database of Federation knowledge. He also played a majordomo named Joseph Anders on Dynasty. Bergere also appeared in an episode of The Wild Wild West.

On “Star Trek: The Next Generation,” he plays Ensign DeSalle. He also appears in the episode “The Royale,” and in the episode “Mickey D.”. He also plays a character called “The Wink of an Eye” (the name is a reference to the first Star Trek episode “The Search for Spock”), who is an agent of the Federation’s security force.

Anton Yelchin

Sadly, the 27-year-old actor Anton Yelchin has died after a car accident in Los Angeles. His father Victor Yelchin had filed a lawsuit against Auto Nation. The dealership refused to take responsibility for the accident.

Yelchin’s parents were Leningrad Ice Ballet stars and figure skaters. They immigrated to the United States as refugees. They sold everything they owned, including their jewelry, in order to escape the Soviet government. They qualified for the 1972 Winter Olympics in figure skating pairs. But they were barred from participating in Soviet competition. Yelchin’s family lived in a small apartment in West Hollywood.

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