Talia Dressler

Talia Dressler – Celebrity Profiles – 2022

With 20 years of age gap, this couple have proven that age doesn’t matter when it comes to love. Together they gave birth to an adorable daughter whom both share via Instagram.

He currently plays on an all-Jewish, Sabbath-observant ice hockey team that won a New Jersey championship, while also being an accomplished reggae musician incorporating spiritual themes into his music.

Early Life and Education

Talia Dressler is an amazing full time mother who takes great pleasure in creating delicious meals for her family. She is the supportive wife of Matisyahu who has four children from previous relationships – one is son Laivy who will attend Yeshiva Ohr Yisroel Tenafly NJ as a rising junior this fall while Shalom Mendel Mendel also joins.

Talia and Matisyahu wed in 2019 after dating for some time; she was an NYU student interviewing him for a documentary discussing men and women not touching each other. Since 2020 they have welcomed Esti River into their lives – always showing her their affection through Instagram posts!

He has three other children from his first marriage with Tahlia Silverman: sons Laivy, Shalom and Menachem Mendel – as well as a daughter named Sasha Lillian with former partner Toma Danley.

Professional Career

Talia Dressler began working at a major marketing agency before opening her own PR firm in 2022. Specializing in building and scaling businesses with social media as its foundation, Talia also serves as an instructor/speaker on topics including social media marketing/branding/PR.

She interned with the Women’s National Basketball Association in 2022 before serving as a peer advisor at Falk College and eventually studying abroad in London during Spring 2022.

Matisyahu Miller is a Jewish reggae singer-rapper-beatboxer-and alternative rock artist better known by his stage name Matisyahu. Known for fusing Orthodox Jewish themes into reggae music using beatboxing beats as well as reggae beatboxing beatboxing beatboxing music; Matisyahu Miller has three sons from previous marriage Tahlia Silverman: Laivy, Shalom and Menachem Mendel; Sasha Lillian has come into her mother’s care while Toma Danley brought Sasha Lillian into Toma’s care as his partner in 2016.

Achievement and Honors

Wyoming Seminary was home for Wyoming Seminary where she earned four district championship lacrosse teams and field hockey state championships between 2011 and 2013. At Wyoming, she earned all-star selection from both Times Leader and Citizens’ Voice; earned two semester honors and cum laude society recognition; was presented the Levi Sprague Fellowship; played all 22 games as a senior;

She married musician Matisyahu in 2019 in his backyard and together they have one daughter named Esti. With 20 years between them, this couple have proven that age doesn’t matter when it comes to love – often showing it through Instagram posts about Esti.

Personal Life

Talia is married to Matisyahu and mother to one child. Since 2007 the couple have lived happily together; sharing an incredible bond while showing their undying devotion. Talia may conceive more kids in her lifetime.

Matisyahu has three children from his first marriage with Tahlia Silverman: Laivy, Shalom and Menachem Mendel. Additionally he has Sasha from his relationship with Toma Danley.

Talia Dressler, an NYU film student, came to interview him for her documentary about men and women not touching each other. After meeting, they fell in love and eventually married in 2019. Esti River was born two years later while Judah Mac was born a few months later.

Net Worth

Matisyahu’s wife, Talia Dressler, is an exceptional full-time mother who takes great pleasure in providing nutritious food to her children. Additionally, Talia Dressler is extremely attractive and may conceive more children in the near future.

He is father to Laivy, Shalom and Menachem Mendel from his first marriage to Tahlia Silverman and also shares a daughter named Sasha from Toma Danley whom he dated briefly after meeting her in Oregon. Sasha suffers from a rare heart defect for which she underwent two operations before turning two.

In 2019 he married Talia Dressler, an NYU film student. They met while conducting an interview about men and women avoiding skin contact for documentary. They later married in his backyard and now share two children; son Alexander and daughter Katherine.

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