Tena Adam

Tena Adam

Ruta chalepensis, commonly referred to as tena adam, is a low-lying aromatic shrub found throughout Ethiopia’s highland regions. It possesses an almond-like aroma and taste due to the presence of alkaloid rutin.

Traditional use for Tena Adam in Ethiopia includes culinary and medicinal purposes as well as insect protection against bees and other bugs. It may even act as an effective repellent against them.

Early Life and Education

Tena Frederick was born in Beacon, Iowa on May 15, 1929 to Ralph J. Kuiper and Hattie Langstraat and attended Union Country School, Jefferson School and Beacon Schools before graduating eighth grade in 1943.

Tena Frederick and Roger Frederick married in Huron, South Dakota at the United Congregational Church and raised five sons on their family farm together.

Tena was an avid traveler who would frequently visit Wisconsin, Texas, Las Vegas and Utah during her free time. She loved spending time with her many grandchildren; was an ardent believer and loved the Lord deeply. Tena is survived by her husband Roger; children; parents and siblings that preceded her; as well as many friends that will miss her greatly.

Achievement and Honors

Tena Adam (also referred to as Rue) is an Ethiopian herb loaded with alkaloids that make it effective as traditional medicine treatment for colds, fevers and digestion related issues. Tena Adam can also be used as an ingredient to flavor foods and herbs such as salads and meat dishes; moreover it has aroma and essential oil properties as well.

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