Terri Runnels New Jack

Terri Runnels and New Jack Talk About Extreme Reunion

After leaving the WWF in 2004, Terri Runnels has worked with different charities and organizations. She was previously married to Goldust and the couple had a daughter, Dakota. However, she has also been romantically linked to WWE wrestler New Jack. After the relationship, Runnels filed a lawsuit against New Jack, accusing him of defaming her character.

New Jack has accused Runnels of exposing her partners to sexually transmitted diseases, consuming alcohol and drug abuse. She also allegedly suffers from bipolar disorder and is addicted to prescription painkillers. As a result, she’s facing foreclosure on her Florida home. Meanwhile, New Jack has continued to embarrass Runnels by publishing disturbing images of Runnels without makeup and selling them.

New Jack also talked about the Extreme Reunion show, which takes place this Saturday. During the show, he mentioned the ECW name more than a dozen times. He said that it was like a family reunion for him, as fans would have a chance to catch up with him. New Jack also pointed out that most seats had already sold out. Besides, he said that experts who said no one would watch ECW were full of bull.

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