Terry Cruz Net Worth

Terry Cruz Net Worth

Terry Crews was drafted by the Los Angeles Rams in 1991

The Rams selected Terry Crews as their 11th round pick in the 1991 NFL Draft. During his career, he played for the Rams, the San Diego Chargers and the Washington Redskins. After playing professionally for five seasons in the NFL, Crews left the game to pursue a career in film. His interest in the film industry was sparked by his experience in the production of the film “Young Boys Incorporated”.

Crews was born in Flint, Michigan and went on to play college football at Western Michigan University. During his time at WMU, he played on a full football scholarship and earned All-Conference honors. In addition to playing football, he also majored in art. After graduating from college, he was drafted by the Los Angeles Rams in the eleventh round. After four seasons with the Rams, he played for the Washington Redskins, the Philadelphia Eagles, and the San Diego Chargers before becoming a free agent again.

Since his football career ended, Crews has gone on to have a successful acting career. He has appeared in movies like “Training Day” with Denzel Washington, the Wayans Brothers’ “White Chicks”, and the long-running television show Brooklyn-Nine-Nine. Before joining the NFL, he had a successful college career playing linebacker for the Western Michigan Broncos. He was a second-team All-MAC selection in 1989 and recorded 138 tackles with seven sacks. Later, Crews also earned a place on the Western Michigan University All-Century Team.

He has four children

The first child of Terry and Rebecca Cruz is a daughter named Azriel. This child was adopted by the couple. Tera is the second child of the couple. She was born almost nine years after her biological sister. She is currently 18 years old. Their third child is named Wynfrey.

The relationship between Terry Cruz and his wife has been fraught with ups and downs. Rebecca left Terry during the winter of 2010, despite the fact that they had a happy ending in a massage parlor. The couple eventually got their marriage back on track. Their marriage has been together for 22 years.

The first child, a daughter, was born to Big Terry. He was a physically abusive and alcoholic husband. He used to beat his wife in front of the kids. He would later justify his actions by stating that he needed a father figure.

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