Th3 Best Base

How to Build the Best TH3 Base

When you are building a base, the first thing you should think about is the defense ratio. The better the defense ratio, the harder it is for attackers to enter the base. The best th3 base will be highly secure and protected. It will not have many layers or segments and it will have fewer walls.

There are many types of defensive buildings that you can place in your town hall. They should match the location of the village, and you should place them around holes or inside walls. If you are attacked from the air, your town hall will not be able to be used. Protecting the townhall and high-hp buildings is the best defense.

Strong defense is an important aspect of any town hall 3 construction. TH base designs are built for both attack and defense. The archer tower, for example, is an excellent defensive building with a high defending power. Another important building in a good defense is the mortar. This powerful piece of equipment can easily kill ground troops between four and eleven.

A base with a good reputation should have many buildings with high hitpoints. This will make it difficult for attackers to take you down. You should also have a spot in the middle of the map that has many traps and walls, which will keep attackers from sneaking into your base. If you’re able to build a strong base and a strong defense, you’ll have no problem winning Versus Battles at BH3.

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