Th8 Best Base

The Best TH8 Base

The Town Hall and Dark Elixir Storage are in the core of the base. Other storages are scattered throughout the base. This layout makes it difficult for an attacker to grab all storages and go all-in. The Town Hall is also surrounded by walls on both sides and has very few empty spaces, making this one of the most difficult TH8 bases to attack.

In addition to the Town Hall, the Trophy Base has several defensive features that make it hard to be attacked. The base is a good choice for anyone who wants to farm Dark Elixir. The base is very hard to attack by TH9 or TH10 players. The base can withstand TH9, TH10 and even TH8 players. It is a good choice for a defensive base in the game, if you have the resources to support it.

The best TH8 base design is divided into small compartments. The clan castle is centralized in the center, and the defense towers are evenly distributed throughout. The non-important resource towers are outside the clan as a protector, while the unique defense towers are located throughout the clan. This design allows you and your clan to save loot, while keeping them safe from looting.

A trophy base is more of a hybrid base. Although it doesn’t have the Town Hall that is typical of a hardcore-pushing base, its storage is ample and can be used for stockpiling. It can also be used as a farming base with a Town Hall at its center and storages surrounding it.

The Bomb Tower is another type of defensive base. The Bomb Tower can be used in conjunction with cannons or alone to protect your base from ground attacks. It is important to protect the base from a hog army as the Bomb Tower acts like a giant bomb and explodes once it’s destroyed. Finally, you should also consider the Barbarian King, which is a solo hero and a major threat against giants and hogs.

The TH8.5 theory sounds appealing in theory but it is counterproductive because this upgrade doesn’t provide offensive upgrades for TH8.5. Rather, it results in roadkill for your enemy and a more difficult matchup for your clan. The TH8 upgrade is recommended if you want to maximize the town hall’s potential in the quickest time.

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