The Blue Man Group Net Worth

Cirque Du Soleil and the Blue Man Group Net Worth

During the past years, The Blue Man Group have released many albums, and have been on tours. In addition, they have made appearances in the media and have a deal with Cirque du Soleil. So how much are they worth today?

Cirque du Soleil deal

Founded in 1984 by Guy Laliberte, Cirque du Soleil is one of the largest live entertainment companies in the world. It has been growing globally to over 60 countries. It has two touring productions and has a residence at Universal Orlando. In July of 2017, the company bought the performance art group Blue Man Productions.

Cirque du Soleil is owned by a private equity firm called TPG Capital. TPG owns a major stake in Caesars Entertainment and the Palms. They have also been involved in several other entertainment and real estate deals in the U.S. A new group led by TPG has put forth an offer to buy substantially all of Cirque’s assets for $420 million. The company is also looking to enter the Chinese market. It is planning to launch an ice show in Hangzhou later this year.

Cirque is known for its iconic blue and yellow Big Top tents. The company has a vast marketing network. They have performed in over 60 countries, including China, the U.S., and Canada.

Media appearances

Founded by three friends on the Lower East Side of Manhattan, Blue Man Group has become a global entertainment phenomenon. Their unique performance art has entertained over 35 million people across the globe. Their music and comedy show is a multi-media experience that includes live music, dance, and an interactive audience. It has also been featured on television programs, film scores, and has been a musical and comedy inspiration for other artists.

Blue Man Group has appeared on television shows such as Arrested Development, The Today Show, Cupcake Wars, Scrubs, The Tonight Show, The Ellen DeGeneres Show, and more. They have released three studio albums and one live album. The first, Audio, was released in 1999 and featured full-length instrumentals. The second, Moby, was released in 2002 and featured vocalists. The group has contributed to various film scores, including those for Arrested Development and The Lion King. They have also produced a children’s museum exhibit. They have been featured on WOWOW in Japan and on the German TV show The Voice.


Founded in 1987 by Phil Stanton and Matt Goldman, the Blue Man Group is a theatrical performance that has been shown all over the world. It has been on countless television shows and appeared in films. It has won the Obie Award, a Drama Desk Award and an Eddy Award, and has been nominated for a Grammy Award and an International Emmy Award.

The Blue Man Group started as a street theater act in New York City. The show was originally a painted middle finger to 1980s media. The show grew from this beginning and moved into full performances at the Astor Place Theater. The show gained a global audience and helped support the biggest advertising campaign in media history.

In July 2017, the Blue Man Group was acquired by Cirque du Soleil, a French company. Cirque’s massive marketing machine will help to promote the show. It will also provide the group with access to the Cirque’s distribution network.

Court case

Despite its success, the Blue Man Group has not been without its share of trouble. A recent court case involved claims of breach of fiduciary duty and fraud. The plaintiff, Ian Pai, claimed that he helped the group with various aspects of its production. He was a dancer at the Lincoln Center and a classically trained pianist. He also helped build Blue Man Group sets.

Pai claims that he received hundreds of thousands of dollars in royalties from the group. He also claimed to have contributed musical compositions and a Grammy-nominated album. Despite his claims, the court dismissed many of his initial claims.

The Blue Men’s ownership was sold to a private equity group specializing in distressed debt. This investment led to a $375 million revamp of the company. Its executives remained loyal to the group and avoided spinoffs. Eventually, Blue Men was sold to Cirque du Soleil. The group has toured the world.

The company has performed on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, The Royal Variety Show, and The Grammy Awards. The show has also toured the United States, Germany, and Switzerland.

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