Theron Daniel

Theron Daniel is a Partner and Heads Our LGBT+ Group

Daniel is a partner and leads our LGBT+ Group at our firm. He holds dual qualifications both in England and South Africa.

The Theron se Verkenningskorps (TVK) was formed to perform reconnaissance missions. This proved particularly vital during the Boer War where key Boer commander Piet Cronje often engaged British troops in fighting.

Early Life and Education

Daniel was raised in an educationally and culturally rich family; he attended both University of Pretoria and Princeton Seminary.

As an officer during the Boer War, Theron became well known for his reconnaissance missions. One particularly significant instance came at Paardeberg in February 1900 when Boer Gen. Piet Cronje and several thousand troops were surrounded by British forces; Theron served as messenger between both primary commanders by sneaking through British lines with requests for breakout operations before returning through again with Cronje’s response to them both times.

Locally, Danie Theron is remembered in two schools – Laerskool Danie Theron at Eikenhof and Kibler Park) – as well as at Danie Theron Nederduitse Gereformeerde Church nearby and his gravesite is located within its small cemetery at Eikenhof.

Professional Career

Throughout the 1990s she appeared in films such as The Devil’s Advocate (1997), Mighty Joe Young (1998, and Oscar-nominated Cider House Rules). However, her breakthrough role came in Monster (2003) when she played a sexually abused woman seeking justice.

In this matter, Theron explained that trust cheques drawn on Mrs Bothma were repayments to him of money he borrowed from her during 2008/2009 and attached an affidavit by Mr Van Rooyen as evidence to this effect.

Theron submitted both a new founding affidavit and character affidavits; I am not convinced that these materials constitute sufficient grounds to support his re-admission; therefore I have decided that he must be struck off.

Achievement and Honors

As a commando, Theron quickly excelled at reconnaissance missions, which allowed him to traverse enemy territory without detection. Due to his prowess in this field, Theron became known as “The Chief Thorn in the Side of British,” with a bounty being placed on his head.

He also led his doubles team to success, compiling an outstanding 14-2 spring record and going unbeaten at No.1 flight doubles play.

Theron was honored with multiple awards and nominations throughout his career. He twice won the Bambi Award presented by Hubert Burda Media International since 1948, as well as being nominated twice at Independent Spirit Awards ceremonies.

Personal Life

Theron is a partner at our Glasgow office, qualified as both an English and South African lawyer by passing the Qualified Lawyers Transfer Test. He possesses vast expertise in commercial litigation and dispute resolution matters.

As the war progressed, Theron was given responsibility for organizing and leading a unit of Boer Intelligence scouts known as Theron’s Verkenningskorps (TVK). Known for their extraordinary reconnaissance missions through difficult terrain without detection, Lord Roberts even called Theron “the chief thorn in their side”.

After his retirement from Wall Street, Theron enjoyed an extended career establishing endowed scholarships at Princeton Theological Seminary as well as writing and publishing a New Testament textbook.

Net Worth

Denver and Delilah Productions was established by her early 2000s and since then many of her movies have been produced under its banner.

Critics praised her performances in Jason Reitman’s comedy-dramas Young Adult and Tully as well as portraying Megyn Kelly in Bombshell; in addition, she received an Academy Award nomination for playing serial killer Aileen Wuornos in Monster.

Charlize Theron has adopted two children, Jackson and August, whom she actively fosters and is involved with philanthropic endeavors; she founded the Charlize Theron Africa Outreach Project in 2007 as well as supporting women’s rights, same-sex marriage, marching in support of these causes, etc. It is estimated that she is worth an estimated $170 Million.

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