Thomas Adair

Thomas Adair family were part of an historic voyage across the Atlantic Ocean to America in which many aboard perished from smallpox, scurvy and other illnesses.

Tom Adair’s practice specializes in complex commercial litigation in numerous industries. He is skilled at prosecuting and defending cases involving breach of contract, fraud, patent infringement and other intellectual property disputes.

Early Life and Education

Thomas Adair was born in Newton, Kansas before moving with his family to Los Angeles where he attended local schools and pursued music as an amateur hobby.

After earning his undergraduate degree, he went on to law school and was later admitted to the bar in 1977. Representing clients in matters related to transportation, environment, agriculture, justice and economic issues.

He made strides in angiogenesis research, showing how oxygen is essential to growth regulation of vascular systems. He has published over 150 papers and reviews in this area; has served as an adviser for various governmental agencies; discovered protein angiogenic factor through his research; and published multiple textbooks and review articles related to his field of research.

Professional Career

Thomas Adair is an experienced business lawyer specializing in transactional matters such as bankruptcy, real estate and oil and gas law. He holds memberships at Houston Bar Association, Association of Attorney Mediators and LawPact International Non Profit Association of Business Law Firms.

He enjoys hunting and golfing in his free time as well as spending quality time with family. Additionally, he has a strong passion for helping others and supports Texas Hunter Education Instructors Association (THEIA), a 501(c)(3) non-profit that promotes safe hunting practices through education.

Thomas Adair, PA-C is employed at Practice in Parlier, California and boasts a rating of 4 out of 5, based on one review. He accepts various insurance plans but unfortunately is no longer accepting new patients at this time.

Achievement and Honors

Tom Adair has demonstrated remarkable talent and knowledge across multiple fields during his illustrious career. His musical contributions have left an indelible mark on culture while his screenwriting skills have contributed significantly to many famous movies and TV shows.

As the “father of modern-day angiogenesis,” his pioneering work in this field has paved the way for many scientific breakthroughs and extended the effectiveness of many medical treatments. His groundbreaking studies have been featured in numerous published articles and textbooks.

Tom Adair has always given back to his community, embracing Aggie spirit in all that he does. After retiring, he and Carolyn established Amici Olive Oil so as to provide premium product while supporting Texas A&M community.

Personal Life

Thomas Adair was an American composer, singer-songwriter. His many hits included “Adair’s Lament”. Additionally he worked on scripts for sit-coms.

Adair moved to Johnston (Dobbs, now Greene) County, North Carolina, where he spoke seven languages including Hebrew. During the Revolutionary War he served as surgeon, living for 40 years among Chickasaw Indians before publishing History of American Indians (1775), showing their connection to ancient Hebrews.

Tom was a loving husband, father and grandfather who greatly enjoyed cooking, fishing, playing cards and laughing at jokes. He loved dogs and dolphins as well as being an ardent Christian; now resting peacefully in Heaven he will be dearly missed.

Net Worth

Thomas Adair has an estimated net worth between $1 Million and $6 Million due to his successful career as a Screenwriter.

He provides clients with assistance on transportation, environmental, agricultural, judicial, tax, and economic matters as well as advice regarding contractual and licensing issues.

Tom Adair Completes Four Insider Transactions

Jayson Adair completed one insider transaction valued at $300,000. Please click here for more details of this trade.

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