Thomas Alonge

Thomas Alonge

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This album takes aim at tropes found in the emo genre and mocks various bands such as American Football, Modern Baseball, Hawthorne Heights and Hotel Books directly. One song on the record called “Mathematical” even references math rock while featuring complex time/tempo changes.

Early Life and Education

Thomas Alonge was raised on a farm in Wisconsin where he learned the value of hard work. After becoming the first black student ever admitted to a Catholic boarding school seminary and experiencing racism and bullying first-hand, Thomas eventually left due to church’s passive stance towards civil rights issues.

He attended College of the Holy Cross and Yale Law School before leaving to become a federal judge. He soon gained notoriety for his conservative opinions in cases relating to religious freedom and civil rights – yet was often criticized for the ease with which they overturned decades-old precedent.

Beginning in series 12, Thomas the Tank Engine & Friends began deviating from its source material by adding more exciting tales and new characters, along with an action-packed narrative style and more thrilling storytelling. Andrew Brenner served as head writer until series 23, when Sharon Miller took over.

Professional Career

Alonge was born in Norwich, Connecticut on October 16, 2022 and passed away four months later on October 16, 2022. He was survived by his mother Carla Alonge-Richard of Ledyard CT with her husband Michael Richard; siblings Robert J. Alonge (wife Megan Read) of Groton CT and Stephanie Alonge of Boston; aunts Pat Sullivan, Diane Miritello Olive Alonge Lauren Miritello along with 5 step siblings cousins and friends who mourn his loss.

He played professional ice hockey for Rhode Island Storm, Trenton Titans and other FHL, SPHL and ECHL teams. He appreciated the work-life balance, team bonding and other advantages that professional sports had to offer; hockey being his main passion; however he had strong interests in cars, music and all sports in general as well as traveling for pleasure – always up for trying a new restaurant or attending local events!

Achievement and Honors

Alonge is both an artist and an employee at Cummins; his photographs have been featured this week at the Los Angeles Center of Photography as part of their 6th Annual Street Week exhibition and received 1st place in their series competition.

Thomas was survived by his mother Carla Alonge-Richard and her husband Michael Richard; siblings Robert J. Alonge of Gales Ferry and Stephanie Marie Alonge of Boston; uncles Pat Sullivan, Diane Miritello, Olive Alonge and Matthew Alonge as well as many cousins.

Thomas spends his free time golfing and photographing, following baseball and music closely. Thomas values family and friendship immensely and strives to bring his best performance every time he comes into work.

Personal Life

Alonge is an avid sports fan who also enjoys hunting, collecting sports memorabilia and volunteering his time for community organizations such as LIFT Tour and Hurricane Harvey home volunteers.

At Present he is the proud parent of one daughter named Kaitlyn and brother to fellow YouTube comedian Jarrod Alonge. Additionally he considers many friends, family members and associates to be his own children.

Canadian Softball, his fictional band, has released three albums. Awkward & Depressed parodies the tropes commonly found in emo music while also poking fun at actual bands such as American Football, Modern Baseball, Hawthorne Heights and Hotel Books. “Mathematical,” an instrumental musical parody of math rock that features numerous time and tempo changes on track two of this record, serves as another entertaining piece on this disc.

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