Thomas Arrigo

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Placido Arrigo’s heirs filed a development plan for his land several years ago but it was denied by the city; as a result, this parcel remains undeveloped while other Italian family farms in the area have seen rapid development.

Early Life and Education

Thomas Arrigo was born November of 1940. Currently he resides at 100 Rolling Rd, Cranberry Township PA 16066 for about 9 years – previously having resided at 175 Walnut Street Zelienople PA 1663 as well as 211 Van Buren Street Evans City Pennsylvania 1633.

He attended Franklin Regional High School, graduating in 2009. During his senior year, he realized the significance of realizing his full potential; taking this to heart he went on to participate in over 20 internships and take up various part time jobs.

Tony was a longstanding member of Waynetown Merchants Association and enjoyed fishing, bowling, playing cards and singing karaoke with his wife. Additionally, he drove for Classic Transport’s travel trailer delivery services to dealers.

Professional Career

Thomas Arrigo believes in maximizing his potential, which led him to complete over 20 internships and assume numerous part time roles during his time at RMU. Furthermore, he led an Ultimate Frisbee team, inspiring its players with chants and spirit circles.

But he has also expressed reservations regarding anti-BDS legislation, saying that it may act as an obstruction and prevent both sides from coming together at the table for dialogue.

Revere’s mayor gave Callahan an A for his performance as chief, but would like to change decades-old requirement that this position must come from within the police department. WBUR and ProPublica reported that Callahan, a lieutenant in Revere, is deeply embedded within toxic culture that Arrigo has decried.

Achievement and Honors

This award recognizes graduating seniors who have shown exceptional academic achievement and service to the University. It is determined in consultation with faculty and provost.

D’Arrigo lettered in both football and basketball in his initial three years at Haverford. Against Drew early in his junior season, D’Arrigo set a single-game scoring record of 41 points – the Haverford single game scoring record currently held by David Drew is 29. D’Arrigo also went on to help Haverford win Virginia Cups both 1954 and 1955 as part of their tennis team.

This annual award recognizes students who have made outstanding progress in their study of modern languages and literatures, in consultation with department faculty.

Personal Life

Personality. In his personal life, D’Arrigo was an ardent family man and father. According to his daughters Sherilyn D’Arrigo Swords and Janice D’Arrigo Van Stolk, their father possessed great integrity who instilled values such as truthfulness, fairness, and kindness into them.

He had an infectious sense of humor, making for lively and playful interactions among friends and family alike. Additionally, he was very involved in his community, having served in multiple charitable and civic organizations.

He died January 4, 2012 at age 79 and was interred at Elko City Cemetery in Elko, Nevada. He is survived by his wife Sheila and three children as well as numerous brothers and sisters.

Net Worth

Peter D’Arrigo serves as Chief Financial Officer at Envestnet and earns a total compensation of $1,744,120 with his position. Since 2000, D’Arrigo has conducted at least 44 trades of ENV stock worth more than $438,650 worth a total trade volume exceeding this figure.

He currently owns at least 110,980 shares of Envestnet Inc (ENV), as of February 24. To track all his trades using our Insider Trading Tracker.

Thomas Suozzi, the incumbent for Congressional District 3 from Massachusetts, is being challenged from the left by Michael Weinstock – a healthcare advocate and lifelong Democrat – vying for his seat. Both candidates support Israel and its security while having different approaches towards Middle Eastern peacemaking negotiations: Weinstock blames Palestinian leadership for not moving towards an accord while D’Arrigo has criticised Suozzi for co-sponsoring anti-BDS legislation.

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