Thomas Artway

Thomas Artway, Real Name Thomas Macek, is a Czech Singer-Songwriter and Guitarist

Artway’s constitutional and statutory claims raise complex issues. The district court correctly rejected his contention that registration resembles punishment as it only provides law enforcement with past criminal history information without divulging how the State has assessed Artway as a future risk.

He is correct that his challenge to notification requires the State to demonstrate how it will have a substantial effect on him, however this claim can only become relevant once he becomes classified as Tier 2 or Tier 3 risk.

Early Life and Education

Thomas was victimized by racially charged bullying as a child and found solace in Catholic boarding schools. Later he attended seminary but gave up after encountering discrimination at college. Following law school graduation he worked as a lawyer in Missouri before serving on the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission before President Ronald Reagan nominated him to sit on federal bench.

Artway claims Megan’s Law’s registration provisions violate his federal constitutional rights, specifically presumptions of danger created by registration requirements, due process violations, the Establishment Clause and Bill of Attainder Clause violations. Nonetheless, Artway requested review but the district court denied review without permitting discovery or hearing testimony; its decision was upheld by the court of appeals.

Professional Career

Thomas was an art educator for 35 years at Shaw Junior High School. Over that time she absorbed many ideas and influences that would contribute to shaping her own distinct artistic style; many consider her an embodiment of Washington Color School art movement.

She gained prominence for her bold, colorful paintings depicting shapes and patterns found in trees, flowers, and other natural images. Her signature technique consisted of layering rectangular paint stripes over one another to achieve the effect of slanted stripes.

Her challenge to Megan’s Law registration provisions fails in two respects. First, registration provides no more information to the public than was available in her criminal record and does not involve a State assessment of future risks she poses to others. Furthermore, submission to registration procedures is all that is required.

Achievement and Honors

Thom Artway (real name Thomas Macek), is a contemporary Czech singer-songwriter and guitarist renowned for blending English lyrics with folk and pop music styles. His song Towards the Sun featured prominently in 2013 Christmas movie Kridla vanoc, earning two Andel Awards as well as being honored with a City Livability Award by U.S Conference of Mayors for placemaking efforts in Marion.

He was awarded a Healthy HometownSM powered by Wellmark Award from Iowa Healthiest State Initiative for the Uptown Artway project.

Personal Life

Thom Artway (born Thomas Macek on 27 June 1993 Vlachovice), is a Czech singer and composer of folk, pop, and rock music. He first gained international exposure when his song Towards the Sun was featured prominently in Kridla vanoc, an animated Christmas film released in 2013.

Artway alleges Megan’s Law violates his constitutionally guaranteed rights of equal protection, due process, Bill of Attainder and Double Jeopardy Clauses, public order and relationships. According to Artway, registration under Megan’s Law causes him to feel socially excluded in public spaces making work or relationships impossible – ultimately leaving no choice other than complying or risk prosecution under Megan’s Law; according to Artway this Hobson’s choice qualifies as injury under Lujan standing analysis.

Net Worth

Thomas Artway estimated his net worth as of November 2013 was estimated to be an estimated $34.7 Million due to his notoriety from Megan’s Law and being accused of raping a woman, whom she claimed that he took to a wooded area, stripped, tied her up against a tree, and sodomized her for over an hour before sodomizing again later that evening. Since 2013, Artway has made over one trade of Arts-way Manufacturing Co stock; exercising 2,000 units worth $7760 on 5 November 2013 is believed to have been his largest transaction. As Independent Director at Arts-way Manufacturing Co, Thomas earns no salary nor makes any compensation whatsoever from Arts-way Manufacturing Co as Independent Director position compared with what would he makes as Independent Director compensation.

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