thomas blvd

7212 Thomas Blvd in Point Breeze North

7212 Thomas Boulevard can be found in Point Breeze North and serves primarily as an area to run errands.

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Early Life and Education

Thomas’s Schools Foundation was created to identify, develop and support educational activities and bursaries for children who otherwise would not be able to attend one of Thomas’s schools. Furthermore, this Foundation hopes to raise enough money in order to purchase one or more properties on which Thomas’s schools may reside freehold property acquisition funding is also made available through it.

Through its work, the Foundation is realizing the vision of its founding fathers who saw value in having an excellent selection of independent day schools within a few miles of each other in central London.

Estimates of home values and mortgage rates derived from public records should be independently verified for accuracy. Photos used as illustrations do not always depict the true condition of this property.

Achievement and Honors

Thomas has deftly navigated between soul music, Southern R&B and classic blues styles throughout her career while creating her own distinctive sound signature into every project she touches. Thomas has received many prestigious accolades such as a National Medal of Arts award and lifetime achievement award from Americana Music Association; she was honored to receive both of these in 2014 alongside Hillary Clinton and Bernard Rands at Lincoln Academy of Illinois’s Order of Lincoln ceremony; additionally she even has her own street named in Chicago with USPS issuing first class forever stamps dedicated solely to her!

Personal Life

Personal life refers to the experiences, relationships and beliefs that form an individual’s private identity outside their professional or public lives. This may include hobbies, self-expression and feeling fulfilled – activities which typically enjoy greater privacy than public lives to enable individual decisions and growth.

Thomas lives on Manhattan’s Upper East Side and shares his love of beautiful homes with clients as their guide and advocate during the real estate process. An accomplished triathlete with two Ironman finishes under his belt and collector of modern art, his appreciation of beauty stems from years of working at high-end fashion outlets such as Lord and Taylor, Bloomingdale’s, and Elie Tahari where he had both buying and executive roles – which contributed to enhancing his appreciation of beauty and design.

Net Worth

Home is in a suburban Pittsburgh neighborhood with several shops and restaurants nearby, making it car-dependent; you will require access to a vehicle to run most errands.

Thomas filed a financial disclosure form that year indicating he owned one-third of a house he valued at between $15,000 and $15,000. Additionally, there was space available on this form to track private transactions such as real estate sales; however, Thomas chose not to use it.

Property details, tax value, mortgage calculator and nearby schools are available here; however, school information may be subject to change and should be independently verified as the data shown may not reflect recent updates.

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