​​​​​Thomas Bonner

​​​​​Thomas Bonner, Historian at Macalester College

Thomas Bonner has made an indelible mark in higher education over his lengthy and distinguished career, holding various advancement positions and being instrumental in raising university funds.

He has published extensively, with articles appearing in scholarly journals and books on literary New Orleans and Southern literature. His works have won multiple awards and honors.

Early Life and Education

Bonner was an unpredictable figure who combined civil rights activism with electoral politics. Refusing to embrace his title as leader due to not coming from a prominent family, Bonner used more democratic approaches when organizing protests.

Bonner attempted three times to enter the theater before being expelled and later engaged in arguments with SDA leaders over their intentions of restricting all nonwhite students, eventually embarking on a hunger strike as a form of protest.

Bonner was a veteran of World War II who served with the Army Signal Intelligence unit in Europe. Following this he taught at Nebraska-Omaha and then headed both social science and history departments at Cincinnati before serving as provost at Union College.

Professional Career

Thomas Bonner joined Macalester University in 2005 and currently oversees alumni relations, communications, fundraising programs and board development initiatives at Macalester. Additionally, he provided staff leadership for their $150 Million Step Forward Campaign which funded renovations for Leonard Center, Markim Hall, Music and Arts Commons and Alumni House renovations.

He made 18 league appearances for Finn Harps before being loaned out to Conference Premier side Dover Athletic for two seasons during 2014. There he scored seven goals.

His career includes being President of Union College from 1974-1978 and then Wayne State University between 1978 and 1982, serving in each case as its seventh President. Furthermore, he is an esteemed historian with numerous articles and books under his name.

Achievement and Honors

Bonner was widely respected historian with an outstanding track record for thorough research and insightful analysis. He taught at various American universities as president or professor and was well known for his exhaustive research efforts and keen analysis.

After moving to Palm Island, Bonner began participating in social welfare and political activities. He joined the One People of Australia League (OPAL) in 1960 in order to channel government assistance directly towards Aboriginal areas that required assistance.

Neville Bonner later attempted to gain preselection as a Liberal Party senator of Queensland state Senate in 1973; his opposition to government policy concerning Aboriginal issues cost him his election, leading to him receiving no vote for preselection. A scholarship named after Neville Bonner Memorial Scholarship now stands in his honor, as does an organization founded by him that helps Jagera people on Palm Island.

Personal Life

Thomas Bonner was born 6 February 1988 in Camden, England and currently boasts an estimated net worth of $1.5 Million. As an accomplished historian specializing in history and medicine he is well known. In the last 15 years alone he has written more than 50 books.

He held faculty appointments at both the University of Nebraska and Cincinnati; at Cincinnati he served as head of history department; in New Hampshire he was president of both Union College and University New Hampshire.

Bonner was a leader in Michigan higher education during a time of national economic recession and state budget cuts that reduced university funding significantly, as operating costs rapidly escalated. He helped steer his institution through its most trying financial times. Aside from work responsibilities, he dedicated much of his free time to his family life – raising four children and eight grandchildren before joining The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints himself.

Net Worth

He has received several accolades and awards for his work, including a Guggenheim research fellowship. At Western State University (WSU), he served as distinguished professor of history and president of the Academy of Scholars; his expertise on Abraham Flexner has made an impressionful mark with both academics and students.

Cali and Demi, his twin children with his former partner, currently reside with them in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.

Bonner was instrumental in leading fundraising campaigns at the University of the South that raised over $180 million, doubled annual gift income, and increased alumni participation to 50 percent. Additionally, he serves on Macalester College’s Board of Trustees.

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