Thomas Brigandi

Thomas Brigandi is the creator and director of CFA Society New York’s Asset Owner Series (AOS) and Global Policymakers Series, two signature events hosted by CFA Society New York’s volunteer team. These events feature senior-level speaker representatives from sovereign wealth funds, family offices, insurance companies, endowments and foundations who manage trillions in fiduciary institutional assets.

Early Life and Education

Thomas Brigandi was born into a family of rare coin dealers and soon started aiding the business from an early age. Later as an adult he took up part-time roles within the company but soon after become full time partner alongside Donald Brigandi and Anthony Brigandi (his brothers).

He currently chairs CFA Society New York’s Asset Owner Series, an interactive platform that has featured hundreds of senior-level speakers from sovereign wealth funds, insurance companies, family offices, endowments and foundations that oversee trillions in fiduciary assets. He leads a team of volunteer investment professionals in organizing two AOS Virtual Keynote events dedicated to diversity and inclusion (D&I).

Brigandi was also the creator and organizer of a NASDAQ Closing Bell Ceremony to support the American Foundation for African Children’s Education, meeting one of Macaulay Honors College’s Pioneer Award criteria: that his or her postgraduate work represents its vision in inspiring students towards solving global problems.

Professional Career

Thomas Brigandi is a prominent member of the CFA Society of New York community. He serves on their board, is past chairman, and initiated their Asset Owner Series – featuring hundreds of senior asset owner speakers representing sovereign wealth funds, insurance companies, family offices, foundations, pension funds and pension plans that manage trillions in fiduciary assets collectively.

Brigandi has organized multiple events that have drawn thousands of investment professionals. Additionally, he serves on multiple boards and committees at CUNY, such as Macaulay Honors College’s Pioneer Alumni Award selection panel.

He has served as a volunteer mentor to CUNY students, is a founding member of the CFA Society’s Emerging and Frontier Market Conference Series, and leads the team that organizes its Global Policymakers Series conference series each year.

Achievement and Honors

Brigandi was known for both telling historical truths and winning Borrego Springs’ annual Pegleg Smith Liars Contest with his fibs. Additionally, he achieved Eagle rank as a Boy Scout. And finally he completed a book chronicling 100 years of Scouting activity in Orange County California.

CFA Society New York recently recognized him as its 2021 Americas Volunteer of the Year for his extensive volunteer efforts in organizing over 90 in-person and virtual conferences with hundreds of senior investment professionals and global policymakers, such as Global Policy Makers Series, Putting Beneficiaries First Series and Emerging and Frontier Market Series events. Additionally he served on Moody’s public pension steering committee and ESG Americas Working Group where he reported directly to their Chief Investment Officer.

Personal Life

Johanna will be dearly missed by those who knew and loved her, including Joseph Brigandi (deceased), her parents, brothers and sisters including Sr Rose Mary Lyng RSHM as well as nieces and nephews.


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Brigandi, an outstanding CFA Institute volunteer and 2021 Americas Outstanding Young Leader, has coordinated over 90 global CFA Society conferences attended in-person by investment professionals. Additionally, he founded the Thomas R. Brigandi Foundation which works towards improving educational and environmental outcomes while hosting numerous Thomas Brigandi Foundation events each year in addition to providing non-profit funding.

Net Worth

Brigandi is the founding managing director of RisCura, one of the world’s premier emerging and frontier market investment consultancies by assets under advisement. Additionally, he serves as founder of CFA Society New York’s Asset Owner Series, Global Policymakers Series, Emerging and Frontier Markets Series and Putting Beneficiaries First Series as well as multiple events with senior investment professional speakers from sovereign wealth funds, insurance companies, family offices, foundations and pension funds representing trillions in fiduciary assets under their management.

He previously held a nearly 10-year position on Moody’s Investors Service’s Global Investor Management Team, where he established and maintained a wide network of senior level institutional investor relationships. Prior to that he earned a BA in Finance, Accounting, and Economics from Macaulay Honors College at City University of New York – and received their inaugural Alumni Pioneer Award as part of that program.

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