Thomas Building

The Thomas Building at Thomas College in Omaha, Neb.

After returning from COVID-19 pandemic, faculty, staff and students noticed an abundance of new construction on campus.

33 Thomas Street houses an international “gateway switch,” which channels calls between the United States and other countries around the globe. Top-secret NSA documents suggest it has monitored these calls from within a secure room located there.

Early Life and Education

Thomas College boasts an intriguing educational legacy. Established by Gallaudet and Clerc in 1820 as a school for the deaf, its origins can be traced back nearly 200 years.

Today, it offers labs for biology, chemistry, physics, computer science engineering nursing and pre-medicine; its hands-on programs give students access to cadavers, drones and Foucault pendulums.

Campus features more than just research facilities; it also features a student village with townhouse-style residences. State-of-the-art lab space is utilized by students for classes and summer research conducted alongside their professors. A new library opened its doors in fall 2014; housing Kenneth and Eva Green Library, Jeanie’s Cafe, and financial support services; this centralized location for student support services marks its debut on campus.

Professional Career

Clarence Thomas has had an extraordinary career as a Supreme Court Justice for almost three decades, leaving a significant mark in legal circles worldwide. Additionally, he holds numerous teaching posts at colleges and universities nationwide in constitutional law courses taught by him.

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Achievement and Honors

This project has won multiple accolades, including the Harry F. Cunningham Gold Medal from Nebraska Chapter of American Institute of Architects; this award recognizes outstanding architectural excellence or service to the profession.

Thomas College Entrepreneurship Hub has received high praise for its potential to drive economic development in Robeson County by emphasizing entrepreneurship, business development and academic advancement. Partners involved include Putnam Investments and an independent local entrepreneur.

Medical chemist Beth Meyer and Kluge-Ruhe Aboriginal Art Collection director Margo Smith were recently recognized with Thomas Jefferson Awards – university honors that recognize distinguished scholarship and service – for their dedication to upholding integrity, concern for justice, and service exemplified by the university’s namesake.

Personal Life

The Thomas Building lies in a rarely visited part of downtown and most people don’t understand its significance or history, but that may soon change with 1 Light Street developer William L. Light’s acquisition.

Thomas Building once served as home to a drugstore and soda fountain that distributed free graham crackers by the bowl – providing relief to many unemployed during the Great Depression. However, now its future is under threat as a developer has proposed turning it into a high-rise apartment tower; its fans are fighting hard to preserve its essence; unfortunately they’re up against an experienced development team with lots of cash backing them.

Net Worth

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The 33 Thomas Street building made an appearance in Winter Kills (1979), while Teju Cole mentioned it as a global intelligence agency in his debut novel Open City (1984). Today, this structure houses UNCP School of Business classrooms and career services center; additionally it boasts an interactive market-style trading room, 300-seat auditorium, small group discussion areas, as well as no city designation to prevent its demolition.

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