Thomas Bulfer

Thomas Bulfer – A Kind, Selfless Young Man

Thomas was diving in Lake Madison for his friend’s birthday when his spine was compressed, shattering several vertebrae and necessitating surgery as well as physical therapy sessions for some months post-injury.

Thomas lives on Garnet Star Street in Worthing, South Dakota and is associated with Carrie Lindner and Joann Bulfer. Conduct a background check to gain access to pictures, property records, relatives and more information.

Early Life and Education

Anyone who knows Thomas can attest to his selflessness and kindness. Always an active individual, Thomas enjoys running, hiking, longboarding, swimming and fishing as hobbies.

On June 27th 2022, Thomas was celebrating a friend’s birthday by diving into Lake Madison near Madison, South Dakota. However, upon striking his head against something sharp he immediately knew something was amiss and was taken by helicopter to Avera McKennan Hospital in Sioux Falls for treatment.

Thomas began recovering sensation in his legs and arms shortly after arriving at Madonna, with rehabilitation occurring through recreational therapy on our campus and visits to Madonna Proactive – our state-of-the-art health and fitness center. Additionally, Thomas participated in functional electrical stimulation bike and NuStep physical therapy sessions as part of his rehabilitation plan.

Professional Career

Thomas Bulfer leads an active lifestyle. An outdoor enthusiast, he enjoys running, swimming, biking and fishing in his free time. Additionally, Thomas is known to his friends and family as being strong yet determined while remaining compassionate – something they praise him for often!

On June 27th 2022, Thomas was celebrating a friend’s birthday by swimming on Lake Madison. Unfortunately, while diving into the water he hit his head and immediately knew something was amiss. He was flown to Avera McKennan Hospital in Sioux Falls where emergency surgery took place to fix multiple broken vertebrae plates into place.

After his recovery at Avera, he was transferred to Madonna Rehabilitation Hospitals where he began inpatient therapy under our spinal cord injury program. Fishing, wheelchair basketball and working out using Madonna’s state-of-the-art NuStep and FES bikes quickly led to progress towards his goal of regaining feeling and movement in his lower body.

Achievement and Honors

Thomas Bulfer is the author of numerous books on ancient science and mathematics, contributing to various journals and encyclopaedias along the way, earning him many accolades and awards for his works.

Thomas was celebrating a friend’s birthday on Lake Madison in Madison, South Dakota when he dove into the water to swim and hit his head on the bottom. Feeling pain in his spine after striking it against something beneath, Thomas immediately knew something was amiss and was quickly transported to Avera McKennan Hospital in Sioux Falls for emergency spinal surgery.

After 7 hours of surgery, many broken vertebrae fragments had been successfully extracted. After starting inpatient therapy at Madonna Rehabilitation Hospitals soon afterwards, he immediately showed remarkable improvements.

Personal Life

Thomas Bulfer is an extremely selfless young man. His friends and family describe him as someone who would go the extra mile for anyone, while being active enough to run, hike, swim and fish for fun.

Thomas was celebrating a friend’s birthday on Lake Madison when he dove into the water and hit his head, collapsing a vertebrae and rendering him without sensation or movement below the waist.

Bulmer-Thomas played an instrumental role in passing through Parliament the Civil Aviation Bill that nationalised air transport into three public monopolies, but later fell out with Labour over their nationalization policies.

Net Worth

One look at Thomas is enough to demonstrate his kindness and selflessness; always prioritizing others over himself and leading an active, healthy lifestyle characterized by running, longboarding and other outdoor pursuits. Unfortunately on June 26th while out at Lake Madison for his friend’s 21st birthday party he dove into the water and struck his head on its bottom; compressing his spine and shattering multiple vertebrae in his body.

Thomas will require significant financial resources to cover his ongoing medical costs, which include ambulance transportation, helicopter transport, surgery and hospital care as well as months of physical therapy treatment. Please help him raise the necessary funds by making donations or spreading the word.

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