Thomas Bullerdick

Bullerdick family reside in Florida and our records reveal eleven grandchildren born since 2021; their oldest grandchild joined this world on October 16, 2021. Additionally, they are affiliated with Florida Democratic Party.

William, Frederick and Conrad Miller filed suit against Margaret Miller Bullerdick (their mother) and their estate for deed of eighty acres of land in Clay county. A judgment in favor of William was rendered; the defendants appealed.

Early Life and Education

She attended Big Walnut Baptist Church. On Friday, July 24 (1987), she died at her residence in Jordan, Indiana and is survived by daughter Beverly Padgett of Cloverdale; sons Robert Query (R.R. 1 Quincy), Allen Query of R.R. 1 Poland, and William Query (Martinsville); 10 grandchildren and 16 great-grandchildren as well as her siblings Ruth Fritz from Terre Haute and Lena Anderson from Mackey.

Personal Life

Bullerdick is married to Barbara Ann Bullerdick and has seven children together with Barbara Ann Bullerdick. Currently residing in Lake Placid, Florida he is affiliated with the Democratic Party and records indicate he may be white in race; Robin Louise Bullerdick (an actress/singer from America) may also be related.

According to the lawsuit, Bullerdick and BGSE improperly utilized IMS intellectual property without authorization and violated multiple agreements by disclosing proprietary information to competitors without prior consent and by using its good credit to purchase raw products for manufacturing operations without prior agreement from IMS. Furthermore, Bullerdick and BGSE allegedly altered organizational structure, verbally abused Bryan Henry, and created an unsafe work environment.

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