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Outlander Characters – Thomas Christy

Tom Christie (Mark Lewis Jones), as soon as he entered Outlander, instantly attracted viewer attention. A religious fanatic and father to Claire Fraser’s half-sister Malva, Christie made himself known.

Christy serves as Director for Catholic Cemeteries and oversees their fiscal management, regulatory compliance, operational efficiency and strategic direction in collaboration with their Board of Directors.

Early Life and Education

He was an author of many books and articles as well as an anthropologist and linguist; his studies of Subanun people helped scholars better comprehend their language and culture of this region.

He worked to dispel racial tensions in the US. Through his activism, he formed an enduring friendship with Clara Pray (linguist).

Christy offers cutting-edge manufacturing facilities and three distribution centers that ensure products can be quickly and efficiently distributed to its customers, while their ongoing interaction ensures new product development reflects real world demands.

Tom graduated with an economics major at Aquinas College in 2017 and currently serves as a student ambassador for Admissions office, offering campus tours to prospective students. Additionally, he belongs to EPIC (Environmental Group at Aquinas).

Professional Career

Thomas Christie quickly captured everyone’s attention when he made his first appearance in Season 6. Known for the murder of Malva and their feuding history with Jamie Fraser, Thomas Christie appeared as an unpredictable threat who could pose significant danger.

Now he is back for Season 7. Though his storyline may not be as dramatic, it still delivers plenty of drama.

Christy offers graduate courses in leadership, professional learning and interdisciplinary education. In addition, she serves as faculty advisor to Werklund School of Education’s Academic Engagement Task Force.

Regarding his relationship with Claire, she stirs something deep within him – not just physically but intellectually as well. Even though he’s been burned before, now it feels different.

Achievement and Honors

Christy played an instrumental role in the development of a plutonium bomb. He assisted with designing its plutonium core at Los Alamos and later served as its Executive Officer for Physics as well as Faculty Chair and Vice President.

Sam Heughan recently spoke out about how much he appreciated working alongside Mark Lewis Jones and Alex Vlahos on ‘Outlander’ as a great experience, noting how the Christie family is comprised of unique characters with many secrets and personalities that complement one another well.

Tom Christie (Mark Lewis Jones), played by actor Daniel Radcliffe, left quite an impactful mark during Season 6. His admission of guilt for Malva’s murder and subsequent declaration of love towards Claire was unexpected and made waves among viewers.

Personal Life

Thomas Christy was an influential Scottish radical political writer of the late 18th century who helped establish an influential liberal journal known as Analytical Review.

He is also an active philanthropist and has donated money to several charitable organizations. Additionally, he owns two warehouses and employs his children who carry on the tradition and philosophy inherited from their father.

At an impressively long 41 years, he served in both World War II and Korea in the Marines before going on to serve 25 years as a Philadelphia police officer before retiring as a member of Fraternal Order of Police Lodge 5. Today, he lives happily in Mayfair with his wife.

Net Worth

Tom Christie has an estimated net worth between $1-5 Million, earned through his primary profession as a Rower and withheld personal information about himself and any relationships in his private life.

Tom makes an admission of guilt when he tells Malva Christie he killed her during season 6’s finale of Outlander. Although Malva wasn’t blood related to him, but they shared an informal legal claim on her due to living together after Tom was imprisoned for participating in Jacobite Rising.

He has performed drumming for multiple deathgrind bands and The Howard Stern Show. Recently, he returned to heavy metal by forming Charred Walls of the Damned and also appears on The Dr. Drew Podcast.

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