Thomas Giannetti

Thomas Giannetti

Thomas Giannetti serves as Lead Administrative Patent Judge on the Patent Trial and Appeal Board, having joined as part of its roster in March 2012 after 34 years practicing Intellectual Property law.

Her husband initiated the lawsuit alleging that Ms. Giannetti died due to excessive force used during a struggle between herself and officers when being arrested for fleeing police officers, with officers not having sufficient training in using force against her.

Early Life and Education

Thomas Giannetti serves as an Administrative Patent Judge on the United States Patent and Trademark Office Trial and Appeal Board. For over 34 years he has practiced intellectual property law as part of his private practice. Thomas is also a member of ABA, AIPLA and NYIPLA organizations.

On the day of Ms. Giannetti’s arrest, Detention Officer Whitley and Officer Miller led her to a bio-hazard (“haz-mat”) room adjacent to her booking area, in order to put on her jumpsuit for biohazard removal. Instead she refused and became combative towards both officers.

After an extended struggle, police handcuffed and restrained Ms. Giannetti in a prone position; later she succumbed to cardiac dysrhythmia due to an increased heartbeat during an agitated state, according to medical examiner reports. Her death had initially been blamed on anoxic encephalopathy.

Professional Career

Thomas Giannetti has published numerous research articles in scientific journals and filed invention disclosures and patent applications. Additionally, he founded CarbeniumTec LLC with an aim of developing metal free batteries suitable for long duration energy storage purposes.

He is a member of the Trial Section and has led multiple AIA proceedings. Additionally, he holds memberships in ABA, AIPLA and NYIPLA.

He served as head coach of Dominican baseball team for 34 years, leading them to 18 Central Atlantic Collegiate Conference Championships and 11 regional tournament appearances while making two NAIA World Series Appearances. Since 2021 he has also been teaching law at George Washington University School of Law as well as being certified patent attorney.

Achievement and Honors

He received the Alvin F. Thiem Foundation Scholarship, given to students with high GPAs and outstanding citizenship records in their community. Additionally, he received an Academic Excellence Award from the American College of Trial Lawyers.

Giannetti served two years as head baseball coach at Ramapo College, leading them to three regional tournament appearances during his time. As a pitcher at the school he never experienced defeat; ultimately compiling an overall record of 39-4.

Giannetti currently serves as a lead judge on the Patent Trial and Appeal Board at the United States Patent and Trademark Office, is a member of ABA, AIPLA, and New York City Bar Associations, and lives with his wife and three children in New York City.

Personal Life

Thomas Giannetti is an Administrative Patent Judge on the Patent Trial and Appeal Board in New York City and has over 34 years of legal practice experience, with expertise in patent infringement trials related to computers, electronics, and other complex technologies.

Giannetti maintains that all officers involved in his wife’s detention were aware of her prior behavior and clear signs of bipolar disorder and previous psychiatric admissions, including prior admissions into care. Furthermore, they violated her Fourth Amendment rights by using excessive force when placing her into her prone and handcuffed state.

Officer Miller and Lt. McDougal used a figure four restraint on Ms. Giannetti while waiting for an ambulance, placing one leg behind another and bending that leg while controlling both feet; after some resistance they managed to remove her sweatpants and pantyhose.

Net Worth

Giannetti serves as a Partner at Chase Securities Inc and its predecessor firms Chemical Securities and Manufacturers Hanover. As part of his responsibilities as Partner he oversees investments originating, underwriting, structuring, negotiating, executing and managing the Firm’s investments as well as strategic initiatives. Giannetti brings more than two decades of investment banking industry experience from various firms such as Chemical Securities Inc, Manufacturers Hanover and Chase Securities Inc.

At Lexington Partners, he oversees assets worth $148 billion and boasts some of the world’s biggest companies as clients, such as Keurig Dr Pepper Inc and N-able Inc.

Giannetti boasts a net worth of $5 Million and lives in Royal Palm Beach, Florida with his wife, children and siblings. Known for their generosity and good nature, he boasts an impressive career and personal life that have garnered them admirers all around him.

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