Thomas Gombar

Thomas Gombar – A New Jersey State Senator

Family and friends mourned deeply the passing of an extraordinary woman. She will be deeply missed.

Tom Gombar currently works for Hurst Mechanical, a Commercial and Residential Construction firm in Grand Rapids, Michigan, serving at Vice-President level. Prior to that he worked at Ferris State University. Tom currently resides on Silver Ridge Dr NE Lambertville NJ 08530.

Early Life and Education

Thomas Gombar was raised in Berks County, PA. He graduated from Reading Central Catholic High School before enrolling at Penn State’s Berks Campus for further studies. Additionally, Thomas is actively involved with St. Catharine of Siena Catholic Church of Mount Penn as a member.

He currently sits on the Exeter Community Library Board of Trustees and Berks County Environmental Advisory Board, while currently living in Exeter Township with his wife and three children.

Gombar enjoys writing, hiking and playing music in his free time. His passion lies with books; later this year, he plans on opening “Dharma Bum Books”, which will showcase works by literary greats like Jack Kerouac and Lawrence Ferlinghetti as well as selling “Bronx Pop”, an old-fashioned sweet carbonated drink he remembers fondly from childhood.

Professional Career

Tom Gombar has over 27 years of professional experience. During this time he has held positions such as district director and senior advisor to several state senators as well as working on policies affecting environmental, higher education, transportation, local government and economic development issues affecting his community.

He has also participated in various community service organizations and activities, such as the Berks Catholic Ice Hockey Club and Exeter Township Environmental Advisory Board. Furthermore, he holds a strong connection to his birthplace of Antietam Valley where he grew up.

Thomas Gombar is currently employed at Hurst Mechanical of Traverse City, Michigan where he holds the position of Vice President, Construction. This company offers commercial, industrial, HVAC and residential mechanical contracting services.

Achievement and Honors

According to ZoomInfo records, Thomas Gombar is married and employed as an attorney in Lambertville NJ 08530 where he currently resides for over three years with two children and one sibling.

He is an exceptional martial artist who has won many awards and honors during his life. Since 1996 he has been teaching black belt at National Karate. A committed and hardworking instructor, he has competed at every NK Tournament without missing one! A huge asset to National Karate; everyone appreciates and respects him; his kind nature means he’s always there when someone needs assistance and leadership. A wonderful role model and leader!

Personal Life

Thomas Gombar has lived in Lambertville, New Jersey since June of 2020. According to public records, he is married to Roxanne A Gombar with two children and one grandchild living under one roof at 193 George Street or 8 Aspen Ct or 302 Palm Ave depending on where his residence may be at the time. Born March 51 he currently resides at 72 years old having associated himself with 4 businesses since leaving Throop Pennsylvania 48 years ago and now living on 193 George St along with 11 relatives living under his care at 193 George St and 8 Aspen Ct and 302 Palm Ave for most of this time period. He currently resides on 193 George Street while having previously resided at 8 Aspen Ct and 302 Palm Avenue for most of this time period.

Net Worth

Thomas Gombar’s estimated net worth is in the millions. He holds several assets such as real estate and vehicles; as well as owning various businesses. At present, Thomas lives at 193 George Street in Lambertville NJ but previously resided at 8 Aspen Court in Holmdel and 302 Palm Ave Islamorada FL.

He is married to Roxanne Gombar and they have been together since at least the early 2000s; together they have two children and no plans of breaking up anytime soon.

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